Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boys' Shorts - Almost Done!

(This is what you get with a 7-yr-old and an iPhone - blurry pictures!)

Got Drew's shorts underway - that's a pretty fast pattern! It's got about 12 pieces for the shorts, rivaling the Betzina jeans, but I'm done except for fitting, hemming, and carriers. Now it's awfully big, as evidenced by my fitting in them (Drew's competing at a tech fair today), and they're WAY too long, so I may have to forgo the cargo pockets because we'll be cutting these off just above the knee.

On Lucas's I think I'll downsize, although this would make a nice pair of pants!

And here's what Dean saw near sunset yesterday at the beach. I'm hoping that bodes for a lovely rain-free Cub Scout campout at Blakeley today. I also hope that bodes well for oil-recovery efforts in the Gulf. Nice that there are already several lawsuits filed from Mississippi to Pensacola, and oddly enough, the same lawyer was on the news Thursday representing the residents of Dauphin Island and then again Friday representing commercial fishermen in Pensacola. Funny that he didn't look terribly upset about the whole thing. Oh, I better not even go there - and I apologize if you resemble that remark! Gotta go pack the tent and sleeping bags.


KID, MD said...

Those are going to be so fun!! I find that I always have to go down a size in kids patterns - particularly in boys. I think it's the usual Big 4/too much ease problem... I don;t have to do it with Euro patterns, and Burda (not the mag, just the envelope patterns) has some really awesome boy patterns! is the US distributor for Burda, so they have a pretty impressive selection.

gwensews said...

You are so tiny! You could put some zip pockets on the back, and make them yours!

Junior said...

yea, kinda like those on you!

Pammie said...

I love these shorts - so in right now and expensive and hard to buy ones that fit - I think they look fabulous!! I love them and Congratulations - you do look very tiny!

I can't wait to see these "in action." And good luck with oil spill - I was in DC this week and had some USCG senior folks in my env. law class - and apparently the USCG is making a national effort to focus on spill response. Boy, you know if they are considering "in situ" burning it's serious.

Sister said...

@KID - Thanks for the tip - I didn't check Burda because it wasn't on sale, but it'd be worth it to get a TNT for the boys.
@Gwen - HA, zippers! Why didn't I think of that?!
@Junior - you're nuts - I look like a boy.
@Pammie - Thanks for the good thoughts. They're talking about damage of Biblical proportions, but a conservation guy I talked to this weekend was a little more optimistic about our seafood coming about 3 years!

bamboo laminate said...

Either ways it's wonderful. Good job!