Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2

Part 2: some of the ladies modeling their cowls:

Gametime with my SIL and niece...

More exercise after the Christmas dinner...

Even MORE never stopped!

And the best way to avoid the post-Christmas blues is to go on vacation....Drew's trying out snowboarding for the first time.

So happy New Year to you all, and I'll see you in 2015!


Sorry this is all done from the iPhone, but I'm couldn't end the year without some quick pics! We had a fabulous holiday with the family. First (I think) is one last cowl.

And the other theme this Christmas was EXERCISE!!!

Also some cooking....

More exercise....

And a nice hug from between I guess.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas....

We picked up the Christmas tree a little earlier than usual, because I've been feeling like Christmas since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving for some reason. I made sure to snap some pictures since this is the last year Drew will be helping us decorate, probably, unless we wait for him to come home from college next year.

The lights took about 3 days to get right, what with broken bulbs, electrical shorts, etc, but we finally got it up to Lucas' standards.

I found it helpful to look at past Christmas blog posts to figure out the furniture re-arranging, by the way, which goes to my point about this blog being so I'll remember family stuff...wish I could change the name to Dr. Fun and Her Mad Cow. (Shout-out to Joann for 60% off holiday decor, including nutcrackers!)

So at the top, we've got an ornament from my parents' first Christmas tree in 1963 (they were married the day after President Kennedy was shot - makes for some serious wedding pictures), my Dad in an ornament, and a famous saying of my grandfather's that Tracey stitched up - "You don't like turkey!" It was one of those annoying things to say that drove us crazy at the time, but is our most-quoted line at Thanksgiving.

Jake high-5'ed Drew for his awesome work hanging the high ornaments.

Okay, on to cowls. If you're related to me, I've just decided to go ahead and divulge all but one that's still being blocked for my Mom. If you see one you like in particular, let me know and I can rearrange what I'm giving to whom....and yes, all the females in the family are getting these - sorry! This is my first "Holey Cowl" and possibly my favorite, since it goes with anything and could be worn to work.

This one is a smidge longer.

This is a super bulky yarn that is one size thicker than called for, but I like how it turned out - it's my second favorite.

Maybe I'll keep it....

This is also a super bulky, but I didn't pay attention to the yardage, which wasn't enough to get the length I wanted, so it's tighter around the neck. I don't think it'll go over the recipient's head because her hair's a whole lot thicker than mine, so maybe I'll keep THIS one!

And this one was for you, Tracey, because it's thick with a solid pattern with no holes, and you can pull it over your nose, but you can pick another one if you like....did I mention I bought more yarn today?

And since I already knitted my office staff little gifts a few months ago, I bought them all gift baskets from a friend who sells Perfectly Posh. They've got a huge bar of soap (that stuff lathers up like crazy), lip balm, hand cream, and a holiday washcloth - precious!

Okay, back to knitting....dangit, wasn't I going to run today?!