Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Couple of Questions Answered

1) BOW is rockin'! (Becoming an Outdoor Woman - check it out on or something like that.) You can skin a deer then go enjoy cocktails with your cabinmates....and karaoke....but only after lots of cocktails! My sister-in-law introduced me to it (shout out, Elizabeth!) and now we have a contingent from down here as well as friends we've made from all over the state. They have one in every state, by the way.

2) I didn't scare anybody at Halloween, they just weren't sure if their doctor was a man or a woman. We did have to move a little boy out of the Pirate room because he got scared (lots of knives and fat bellies hanging over pants, you get the picture). And I did have to take my sword away from another little boy who was fixing to put my eye out. (I really hate spanking the patients, but that's what the belt is for!)

3) Betty Gillum would most assuredly NOT be proud of me! Although my neighbor's child asked who was REALLY playing the piano, like it sounded good!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mardi Gras

Okay, just wanted to say how proud I am of the 2 societies or whatever that paraded tonight. We came home with a plastic baseball and bat, 2 footballs, a hula hoop, 2 frisbees, several beads, and 1 moon pie. That is awesome - think of the exercise the little children of the city will be inspired to get with these kinds of throws! They certainly won't be sitting around stuffing their faces with all kinds of candy while watching TV for hours - fantastic and well done.

Did I mention that the 2 parades took 45 minutes total (that's short) and they flew by at about 10 mph? One float had 3...count 'em - 3....riders on the first level and 0 on the second level! Drew commented that that particular group was mostly "older ladies" - isn't he so politically correct? That just makes it even better that they threw sporting goods. If it had been my grandmother (Honor to the East) she'd be throwing Juicy Fruit, Snicker bars, and cans of Dr. Pepper. And then saying, "Aren't you a fat little thing!" (Which she actually said to a little girl one time.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

You People!

Oh man - thank you all so much for coming! Lisaland - I figured it was you, and by the way, we've got to get the disclosures out of the way:

The views of the blogger are not necessarily representative of the American Heart Association, and in fact may contradict their views entirely. Please consult with your physician before eating at Waffle House as often as the blogger. Please notify your doctor of other sources of cholesterol or fat you may be taking in, as this may be a contraindication for the Texas patty melt plate. Side effects include bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, belching, uncontrollable drooling, and rapid weight gain. Also uncoordination on a treadmill has been reported.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook Angst

Oh, I got sucked into Facebook tonight and actually completed a brief questionnaire on high school stuff. If I "tagged" you and you didn't want to be tagged, please forgive me. I've been tagged 3 times in the past week and had something like 9 friend requests I'd ignored for a month. That doesn't mean I even knew those people of course; some names I didn't recognize. Facebook scared me because I went to my online video store to line up some movies and a pop-up appeared that said did I want to list my selections on my Facebook page...How did Facebook know I was there???? Explain that to me!!! So creepy! But it is so funny to see high school people type that they're watching American Idol or whatever. Just regular people, keeping in touch. Maybe I'll type that I'm having gas or something....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Waffle House Again?

Listen, my call weeks were a little close together this time, so you get through it however you can when your husband is also on call. Which means taking Mimi and the kids out to Waffle House again. I was still in scrubs and meeting them somewhere, so we certainly weren't going to any fancy joint.

And Cat (her real name - at least that's how she signed the ticket) was just the waitress we needed. She talked to the boys and kept Mimi's coffee warm, and even set Lucas up with this spiffy hat after she overheard him talking about how much he loves their hashbrowns. Maybe a summer job is in the works....."gimme bacon on 2!"