Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Fashion Blog

I will heretofore wear no shoes but Ivanka Trumps and Fluevogs! Ivanka because she makes beautiful and comfortable shoes, and Fluevogs because their philosophy is so cool. I ordered these online, and asked for sizing help since they reportedly ran large, so I got an email from the store in San Francisco, and they actually had a clerk with a size 10 foot try on a 9.5 to be sure it fit well - personal service! (Plus the guy signed it "Hugs," - precious!) And every standard email about shipping has a little paragraph about how good-looking you are and other funny stuff. They even tie a bow around the box.

The box not only had stickers and buttons, but Twizzlers, and Starburst -what?!

Behold the Lyra!

Remind you of something? (Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat)

They also included a shoe bag...

and the box has funny sayings. These people go all out!

One more peek from work - love these things! So now I really want Natalie Chanin to partner with John Fluevog - can't you picture her models with these shoes?

And now for the Japanese kimono silk fabric my MIL's sister sent me from Japan. They apparently use a narrow width to make kimonos...

and I have no idea how many yards this is, but it's apparently the whole bolt! Any suggestions on what to make with it?

Okay, ready for a million pictures of clothes? I realized I couldn't sew spring shirts for work fast enough, so I ordered one more box from Front Door Fashion. This time Morgan sent me a ton of things - I tried on clothes till 11:30 PM! This first one didn't work out too well - pants were a little loose.

I was going to keep these shorts, but turns out they were $91, and I just can't pay that much for a pair of shorts and live with we're getting an H&M - have you guys heard that?

LOVED this top - kept it, but didn't keep the shorts.

Also loved this top, and these were my own white shorts from about 10 years ago.

Next time I make an AC shirt I may experiment with a hi-lo hem.

I did keep these pants, but the top was too low-cut, and I just feel so guilty buying a cardigan when I've knitted about 4 in different colors.

I did keep the pretty blue flower earrings that matched the back of this though.

And I loved this shirt - apparently Tencel is hot in shirts right now, because most of the shirts were made of it, and I kept a bunch. I also couldn't make up my mind on shoes, so you'll see a bunch of different ones.

Another hi-lo hem with a slit in the back.

Um....a little boxy for my taste.

I mean REALLY boxy!

Now these shorts were totally 1982 with big ol' stitching, so I asked Lucas if he'd go to Target with me wearing this. He immediately said, "No way, those are too short!" Which is what he told me about every pair of shorts after that - way too short. Hmmmm....

I was thinking they'd be good hiking shorts, but not if everyone's going to deny knowing me.

LOVE these white jeans, but not with these shoes - just mixing it up a bit.

Lucas said I looked like a teacher at school who's very skinny - NICE!

Now this top had a really boring neckline in the front, but a very cute cutout in the back, which I accidentally deleted a pic of. Didn't keep it. I realized after my last box that I have to be brutal, because I have a couple of things that I've never worn or only worn once because they're kind of exotic, so to speak....have to be realistic about wearing them in Mobile, AL!

Loved this Tencel shirt, and that's a belt from my last box.

Just kidding with the Fluevogs, but I had to throw them in there!

Now this outfit was promising except the pants were a little tight, and I have an almost identical pair from H&M in Charleston that were like $20. I was digging the blazer. Morgan said this was my Ellen Degeneres look, which is awesome because I told her that's my style.

I just wasn't a fan of the hi-lo hem on the blazer, because it seems to almost showcase the derriere.

Now this next one took my breath away, so I had to pull out the platform peep-toe pumps I bought in Chicago a few years ago...and have worn exactly once. Lucas said this outfit made my legs look TOO skinny.

I didn't keep the pants, but did keep the top since it was so dramatic. It's kind of a thick material, and turns out to be polyester. Yay for washing and not dry-cleaning!

And this last one was 2 tank tops I didn't keep and a nice pair of shorts, though again, they were declared too short, and the legs were big enough that if I bent over, there might be a discussion about my assets.

So that was a ton of stuff, and I ended up with about 5 shirts for work and home (I left out a denim-colored Tencel sleeveless button-up that I wore to the hospital yesterday), plus some pants and earrings. Awesome that I didn't have to drive anywhere to find it all, and I just dropped the pre-paid returns at UPS yesterday - easy-peasy. Thanks, Morgan! Now back to thinking about my Grand Canyon knitting project...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Stella Pullover is Finished...and Undergoing Renovations...

But's precious when your kids can give each other buzz cuts - so frugal!

And I made Pioneer Woman's meatloaf the other night using my usual combo of hamburger meat and Jimmy Dean Sage sausage, but she uses lots of milk-soaked bread as well...

and covers it with the most delicious diced tomato/brown sugar/cayenne pepper combination - very tasty! Could've used more of that topping...

and had a side of Lemony Green Beans, which Drew thought were too lemony, even though I only used half a lemon instead of 1.5 lemons like she recommends. Everybody else loved it, so we'll keep it.

Are you ready for a sour face and a beautiful sweater? (And that's a white tank top, not a white bra like my family thought.)

I guess it's much better over a full top so you don't worry that you're looking at my bra. And yes, Mom, next time I'll wear a black tank top, but then the lace won't show so nicely.

But maybe we SHOULD hide the lace a bit, since I've made a couple of boo-boos. Remember that I knitted one sleeve inside out? Well I also messed up the lace pattern on both sleeves pretty badly, and I can see it when I look closely, so I decided I was definitely ripping one sleeve out....after I wear it to dinner - heehee!

So I went by my LYS, Mobile Yarn (go shop there!), to see if they had any helpful hints on decreasing in a lace pattern, and they very kindly said they will chart this for me using a computer program they have! They were going to do it for free, but I felt terribly guilty since I actually paid for this pattern, and the designer offered no help on the charting when I asked her through Ravelry. We settled on $10 for the chart, depending on the level of difficulty, and I figured if I'm going to pay for a lace chart, I may as well rip out the other sleeve and do IT correctly too. When I told Dean that, he was flabbergasted, but I reassured him it's just a sleeve. He pointed out that since this took me almost exactly 1 year to complete, it'll probably take 4 months to fix. He may be right.

Oh well, we're planning a big summer trip to the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas, so this may be my knitting project on the road...or should I start something with my sister's yarn? Or a new Alabama Chanin baby-doll top that I've had in mind the past 2 weeks? OH - speaking of Alabama Chanin: I wore my pink AC shirt to work last week - remember the one where I used the selvages as neck and sleeve bindings? A grandmother of a patient stared pointedly at my top the whole time I was in the room, and then I left to get some paperwork for them. When I came back in, she said, "I have a question. Do you mind if I touch the stitching around your sleeve? That is just beautiful, and I'm a seamstress, so I want to see how it's done." You can imagine the sound of my head blowing up with pride! She said she thought I'd bought the shirt, and we proceeded to have a 10-minute conversation about the sewing store she used to own, Alabama Chanin, and the wedding dress she'd offered to sew for her future granddaughter-in-law. It's so fun to run into a fellow sewer in unexpected places!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Plated and Mobile Yarn

So my sewing buddy Katrina very kindly offered me a free trial of Plated, which is like Stitch Fix, except with food. It's similar to Blue Apron, if you've seen those commercials. Well I was just blown away. Here's a peek in the box. Everything's packaged individually, then in larger bags so you'll know which dish it goes with, and there were 2 meals for this one.

The produce was fresh and clean, and they put any meat under ice packs.

Look at that cute little bottle of red wine - precious!

Dean and I fixed both meals together - I did the Beef Moussaka, which was fantastic...

and he did the little pizzas with spinach and tomatoes with a side of cheesy corn (forgot the official name). Delicious - Lucas ate 2 of the pizzas even though he hates tomatoes!

Now Katrina, what do you do with all the ice packs they send? I wish they'd give you a return label like Front Door Fashion so you could mail back the insulating material and ice packs - that'd be even greener than they already are. Thanks for sharing!

And now for some yard art.

The Meyer lemons abandoned us last year but for some reason there are a ton of them this year - good for lemonade in a couple of months.

And now, the piece de resistance: Mobile Yarn! My mom walked out of a hair appointment recently and noticed a sign for a yarn store - WHAT?! I've searched for 2 years for a local yarn store and only found Clara's Loom in Gulf Shores and one in Fairhope that's closing, and are you telling me there's been one right under my nose for the past 6 months? I immediately signed up for their emails and liked them on Facebook. When I got a chance, I popped in for a peek, but I was still under the weather, so only stayed a minute. I met Heidi the owner, who's also on Ravelry, and Ariel, who will hopefully be selling my boys a gift certificate for Mother's Day, since I shamelessly forwarded them an email with the address! Plenty of eye candy here....

Tons of yarn and lots of kits. And while I was at the lake a couple of weekends ago, I went over to Opelika just to buy a shawl pin for my green knitted cardi, only to find out they carry a TON of them here!

My pictures do them no justice, so check out the website or go by - they're open 7 days a week (!) and have lots of classes. I'm definitely doing a sock class as soon as my schedule allows...once I finish the black mesh sweater, of course, which is VERY close!

Off to take my Levaquin, prednisone, inhaled steroid, and cough syrup that are finally turning around the acute sinusitis that gave me fever for 4 days this past week. Apparently everybody on the Gulf Coast has been sick, so maybe it's not a fungus from the Tough Mudder - phew! Hope you stay well and have a great Mother's Day!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Duran Duran Weekend!

But first, Lucas and I decided at the last minute to head up to my parent's lake cabin since Dean was having a men's golfing weekend (they don't sew or knit, so I guess golfing was an acceptable substitute), and Drew brought his girlfriend over from Auburn. The weather was nice enough for some boating, but too cold for swimming...I mean, I COULD have gone swimming because I can handle ice water, you know, but I CHOSE not to go swimming!

And Camille turns out to be a good poker player, so she taught us how to play Tripoly after dinner...

Which involves lots of coins if you don't have poker chips...which end up on the floor if you're playing on a picnic table and raking them in, of course.

So Lucas and I headed back home at sunrise Sunday so he could do homework and I could re-pack for New Orleans. Unfortunately, I was holding Drew's keys while he was on the Seadoo, and those came home with me - DOH! (Thanks Mimi and Jim, for taking Drew and Camille back to Auburn!) Don't worry, I overnighted the keys to him today, though he still has to go back and get his car at some point. See how I can mess up any nice little vacation? At any rate, I set my self-loathing aside for the Duran Duran concert. Here's the view from my room - nice!

And the hotel (Hyatt House next to the Superdome, by the way - great place!) had just opened a bar with food, so this is my dinner before the concert, along with a great view.

Now there was an opener for the opener called Bag Raiders, and they had cool funky music, so I'll remember to check them out sometime. Then Chic with Nile Rodgers played, and this is THE Chic who made Le Freak in the 70's - remember that one? Well, they let a bunch of people come up on stage for a disco party, and the first thing you'll notice is how most of the women have purses - so silly. But the second thing you should notice is the blonde to the left of Nile (black guy on microphone singing with guitar and long dreds). His background singer picked that woman out to come up, probably because of her implied dance talent given the hair and outfit. So later Simon Le Bon also picked her out and motioned for her to rush the stage, but Security wouldn't let her. (Note to self - dye hair very blond and wear short shorts for next concert...or just always buy a good seat.)

Are you ready for a million pictures of Simon Le Bon?! Because I was VERY CLOSE to him! The arena is pretty small and I was on row 5, so I actually made eye contact with the guitarist. Sadly, Simon didn't see me grinning and waving.

The lady next to me had seen them 4 times already (!) and knew that Simon had lost his voice the previous night, and you could definitely tell he was sicky-poo.

He was coughing between lines, and by the end he was expectorating (sorry, I don't have a better term) at the back of the stage - God bless him for still going!

Here's a sample of Hungry Like the Wolf. Ever see Whiplash? "Were you rushing, or dragging?" I think we have a little rushing here...

He was also doing signals with his backup singers about whether he'd sing certain lines or they should - poor fella!

Somebody behind me shouted, "Simon, are you okay?" He didn't answer back.

But he totally rocked otherwise - here's the new one, Pressure Off. I have to watch this multiple times because the film on the screen is entertaining too.

Complete with tons of confetti that sprayed from under the stage - nice!

Here's a pitiful attempt at a selfie.

And this was Save a Prayer dedicated to Prince as the encore...along with Rio, of course.

So overall a fantastic show other than Simon being sicky-poo, and I can die happy now that I was so close to them on stage without having to rush past Security and stand on chairs 10 rows back. Wish you could've been there, Tracey!