Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Roundup

Yeah, maybe I'll just start doing seasonal posts, since I'm so bad at keeping up with everything. So I decided to go after that boyshort I tried a few years ago when I first attempted a swimsuit, and I forgot the puny little lining McCall's thinks will suffice. They literally tell you to lay it on either side of the inseam and sew it like this, and you're done!

This is looking down into it - they don't even have you secure the other end - I thought it would be caught in the leg hem, but nope!

So of course I opted to make a-whole-nother (that should be a word) bottom out of black lining then slide it inside and sew them together with the waistband and leg hems. Now I used my Jalie running short waistband to buy some tummy coverage, and that turned out great, but the legs...not so much. Here's my view of the left leg treated like a bikini bottom with elastic, and the right leg has the leg band from Jalie. The problem is that the boyshort is still too large at the bottom, so it looks like I'm wearing a diaper cover or something.

I don't think you can tell from here, but Lucas immediately started shaking his head and declared it looked like I was trying to wear boy's shorts....which is EXACTLY what I'm trying to do! He thought the whole look was ridiculous. Drew had already told me the elastic treatment was terrible, but he also agreed the banded leg was no better. So I guess I'll chop these back down to regular swimsuit legs and add elastic. So much for trying to hide the cellulite!

In other news, I tried my hand at gardening...

and don't you wonder what's buried under there? Lucas also said it looked like a gravesite. Amazingly, 4 of those 6 plants are still alive!

As are both of these lilies...

which actually sprouted even more blooms a week after I planted them.

And in homemade food, Lucas helped me make the "tableta" that we had in Belize, which is a bag of coconut flakes, a can of pet milk, and 2 cups of sugar, and was WAY too sweet, though tasty.

And my Mom got a homemade butter-maker that is a mason jar with a spinner that you turn for about 15 minutes till you've made butter from your cream. Don't forget to add a little salt.

And these would be the French sandwiches Lucas made for Dean on Father's Day.

Here's Robbie and me sporting our Alabama Chanin-wear into Ruby Tuesday's for lunch! Robbie's dress was beautiful - wish I caught a picture of the whole thing. And I stretched my shirt out enough to wear it with the blue AC skirt, but not one person said a thing about it at work, though I got plenty of weird looks. That always lets you know that they think it's odd and they don't know what to say. Oh well....

Let's pause for a couple of gorgeous sunsets from Fisher's in Orange Beach...

And in knitting news, here's a Little Kindness Monster I knitted for Mobile Yarn to donate to abused children.

What a cute little hat!

Lucas wanted me to leave the mouth off, because he said maybe the kid would have a bad secret to tell it, and now it's smirking when it should remain non-judgmental. Hmmm....

And FINALLY, Drew decided he needed new shirts, but clarified that he wanted to MAKE his new shirts. He figured if he's going in the military after college he needs to know how to sew, though I'm not sure who told him they'd have machines set up. Anyway, I got a Kwik Sew pattern and cut it out for him.

So this isn't too bad for his very first V-neck which we only basted, but why in the world did Kwik Sew make the band so wide? Obviously we'll go back and fix that, but he also discovered that he has to grade out at the waist since it's tight over the belly.

From the back, this looks like a folded-over collar, but it fits him well through the shoulders, so he's happy with it.

Oh, and it was my birthday yesterday, so here's a neat hair clip my sister sent me. Check out her website if you put your hair up!

We had a lovely dinner, then Dean surprised me with tickets to the Molly Ringwalds concert downtown (because this is my big 5-0 and that's an 80's band - I didn't stop dancing for 2 hours)! Can't you tell Lucas is excited to be there for the festivities?! Maybe he's sad because he didn't get to go to the concert.

Okay, what have you been up to, and what are you doing for the 4th? And yes, Robbie and I will be having another Alabama Chanin airbrush day when the weather cools off, so start collecting your fabric!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day Roundup

It's been a somewhat eventful month - we'll get to the crafting first. I finished the Alabama Chanin T-shirt embellished with daisies that I found on the internet (one daisy, and scattered them on the shirt).

Apparently I used an old pattern, or I gained weight since I haven't been running lately, or something, because this sucker is TIGHT!

I was hoping to wear it to work, despite both boys' opinions that it looks VERY homemade due to the neck and armhole stitching, and the outside knots at the center of each daisy, but for now it has to be home only.

I'm thinking of adding gussets on the sides, though, to widen it at the hips, since I have more of that T-shirt material left. I think I must've meant to use a pattern from the Craftsy Sewing with Knits class that fits nicely over the hips and that I've made 2 shirts from for work. Dangit! Don't you hate it when you're in love with something until the end and then it disappoints? Very depressing.

Here's a beautiful carved Indian elephant that a student gave me as a gift - one piece of wood and can you see the baby inside? Bet this guy wasn't depressed when he finished carving this!

And one night we came back home at night to find 3 HUGE owls sitting on a neighbors' mailbox. They took off right in front of us, then one sat glaring at us from a tree before flying away - very cool.

So here's our awesome Mother's Day weekend. We went to the beach and Drew's girlfriend joined us since she's gotten a summer job nearby. Lucas was truly thrilled to drive the boat - despite the face and non-chalant attitude.

Beautiful weather to head to Fort McRae!

Jake jumped in and out of the boat himself, despite this also being his 11th birthday, and had fun in the water.

When we got home, Drew cooked teriyaki salmon with vegetables for me.

Lucas gave me a first aid kit for my purse and a jewelry holder, but I don't have a pic of them - boo.

Jake was worn out, as expected, but apparently he also picked up something, because the next day he went out in the morning to pee and wouldn't come back in. He just lay on the porch and refused to get up all day, so I ran him up to the vet when I got home, and he had a temperature of 105! The hypothesis was near heatstroke due to arthritis flare from all the activity, but the x-rays and labs all showed he was perfectly healthy for his age. The poor baby wouldn't meet any of us at the door for a couple of days, and went about 5 days without eating his dog food. He did eat cheese wrapped around pain medicine, and is slowly getting back to normal, but it was pitiful to watch him avoid us and pant like he was running a marathon.

So he's more active today and actually ate his breakfast on his own - hooray! Now I'm off to rescue that shirt and figure out which pattern I should've used. Hope you're having a productive weekend!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jonesin' for Alabama Chanin

Howdy - it's been awhile! I finally finished my 8 weeks to do a bunch of teaching and be co-director of an actual class, so that explains the absence. I've been continuing to pump out cotton dishrags for people, and here's one of those:

And I was pining for a camping trip, so I emailed Drew to see if he and his friends were up for it if I came up and paid for the sites, but I never heard back from him. Dean and Lucas weren't feeling it either, and they went out of town while I was on call one weekend, so I set this up in about 30 minutes and camped my DAMN self!

Check out the pleading look on this face. Even Jake abandoned me, because it was about 45 degrees and he's a'skeered at things that make noise at night, so I let him sleep in Lucas's room while I slept in a sleeping bag on an egg crate (no air mattress for me, no sir).

Now the next weekend, I went to Auburn for a work trip, and took Drew out for dinner with his friends, plus bought him some groceries, and would you believe they have THESE at Walmart? (I only heard of this through Heidi, of Mobile Yarn.)

But the more interesting thing was what he and his friends talked about at dinner, which was that they were doing THIS for the weekend:

Are you kidding me?! I guess it's not cool to camp with your mom in tow, and I'm glad they went camping - 3 Eagle Scouts - but it hurt just a little. At any rate, the rest of us left him here and went to Belize for Lucas's Spring Break, so there! Here are a few pics of that:

And back home (after a painful return trip getting stuck in Houston overnight following an aborted takeoff - THAT's fun!), I had an urge to make an AC Tshirt. Our local NBC anchor wore a dress that was pink with yellow showing through cutouts that reminded me of AC, so that sent me upstairs looking for the right Tshirts. This is what I found, a heathered gray Gators shirt, and the remnants of a blue shirt I used earlier for the crocheted bathroom rug.

I drew a couple of ideas from polka dots to the Alabama Chanin spirals, and pored through all her books, then decided on daisies, which I found on Google. All my airbrushing stuff and other stencils are at the beach, so Lucas loaned me an Exacto knife and I cut one daisy out of a coffee box.

At first I was planning an all-over pattern, but then I decided on a cluster over the right shoulder.

Maybe I'll put a few on the opposite hip, too. I'll let ya' know how it turns out!

So whatchoo been up to? Got big plans for the summer? Wanna get together and airbrush some cotton?!