Monday, May 19, 2014

Hangout Fest 2014

Let's start with a couple of videos. This is Trombone Shorty from New Orleans, and he TEARS it up with his trombone - very funkilicious!

Next is when I got mesmerized by watching hundreds of people walk by while I was sitting on a curb eating dinner. Just stare into the middle of the frame at all those legs and lots of bare feet - how do they not step on something? I found that very Zen. Ignore the bikinis and fat bellies, just stare at the legs. The human race is pretty cool overall.

Next would be Lucas eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...with a grilled banana and bacon - it was delicious, if a bit slippery.

Lots of grass and seating areas for your dining pleasure.

I'm grinning because I'm fixing to bust a move - look out!

The chick behind me joined me in my dance-fest...and her friends got more video and pics than mine did, but some 20-something guy gave Dean a free beer, "after seeing Mom dance around the group."

We rode the Ferris wheel the next day - nice view! I almost saw Robbie's house!

Check out this girl's KNITTED or CROCHETED bikini top! I saw a couple of these and want to make my own now.

Do you see Lucas? That's because these guys attacked him with bubbles as the girls looked on...

Luckily he came up with a grin, but it was a little over the top for a minute.

Which reminds me that the first night, Lucas asked me what that SMELL was. When I told him it was marijuana, he was indignant that the police were "doing NOTHING about it - it's ILLEGAL!" He relaxed a little bit when I told him the stats showed 15 arrests for possession of marijuana. And here's a guy with a horse head like Drew wanted.

Lastly, don't you dig this guy's pants? I need some of those for lounging around the house!

I will be back next year - it's better than Jazzfest in New Orleans, in my humble opinion, because it's not on a dry (or muddy) horsetrack, there's just as much great food, and the vendors and attendees were (for the most part) so friendly and laid back. You should check it out!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I Wore, and Angry Birds

If I'd known how fun it was to open my own practice, I'd've done it years ago! I'm having a blast so far, but there's also new electronic medical records to learn, etc., so I haven't sewn or knitted much since May 1. I was going to sew up a criss-cross-bodiced dress I've done before with some huge sleeves to wear to an event where I received a community honor, but I just didn't have time, so I splurged and did a little shopping for ready-to-wear. I must've tried on seven or eight dresses before settling for this top with crazy drape. I already had the pants and Ivanka Trump purple suede shoes, so I was all set. The theme was Coastal Elegance, so it fit in just fine.

In other news, does anyone know why a crazy cardinal would be targeting my windows for the past 2 weeks? He (or she) has been flying into 3 big windows at various times of day, and doesn't quit until Jake or I walk up. That's why I had to video it from another window, and sorry it's kind of far away, but I think he hits the bedroom window about 7 or 8 times, then his mate comes to join in the fun. What up, angry birds?

Drew had an Eagle work day today for his Eagle Scout project, and I'm the proud owner of a couple of blisters from shoveling grass away from pavers, so I may go relax with some knitting now. You have a happy Mother's Day, why don't ya'!