Friday, February 10, 2017

Sheet Challenge Skirt, Mardi Gras Dress, and Geocaching

So remember I had that vintage sheet that I cut into thirds and sent to my mom and sister to see who would come up with what? Well they're still working on it, but here's what I did.

I found a coordinating blue stretch fabric in the stash (no idea where this came from - maybe a GCGSW swap?) that was fairly casual. There was also a beautiful purple polyester fabric that matched the flowers perfectly, but was too fancy to pair with a sheet.

I used New Look 6189 that I also had in stash (so green, honestly!), because it has a center front panel,

and carefully placed my flowers front and center.

Voila! I left off the belt loops and sash because I only planned to wear this around the beach in the summer, but it turned out kind of cute.

And I don't usually tuck things in.

This is New Look 6470 and it goes with the purple flowers, I think.

And this is a knitted T-shirt I made but need to lengthen a little bit.

And now the backstory (haha - didn't intend that pun). I made a muslin of this skirt first with the rest of the bed sheet and it was too big, but then I tried a smaller waistband and it was too tight, so I went back up the size 16, which ended up floating on me. Being the lazy sewist I am, I took 1/2" out of the side seam WITHOUT the zipper, because yes, this has a side lapped zipper - DOH! So this is what happens to the back when you take in one side and not the other. The back seams get off-kilter and make you look weird. Now otherwise I finished this thing very nicely with serged raw edges throughout, etc., so I fully intend to take the zipper out and take the waistband off there, then take out 1/2" from the left side. No idea why I didn't do it before I put the zipper in. Just lazy.

Oh wait, it's because I had THIS project waiting! Lucas is part of the crew for the high school's spring show, and I volunteered to sew costumes with 2 other ladies. This was my first assignment: cover the gold with fur.

Yer WELcome!

Next up - finish the Mardi Gras dress. My dear patient mother assisted yet again with Simplicity 5093 , mainly to get the straps right on the back, which entailed unsewing and re-attaching to make them symmetrical.

Ummm, it honestly has to be my shoulders or blades, because we measured this like 3 times and it was perfect when she was there to arrange straps. I just need a dresser tonight to yank on those things till they're, the straps, not my shoulder blades. (Yes, I'm wearing it tonight for a local-run before taking it to New Orleans...notice I didn't say dry-run, because Mardi Gras balls certainly aren't dry!)

I also had to get some new shoes to go with this, since my gray Ivankas didn't look right with the blue. (Speaking of Ivanka, I fully intend to let Nordstrom know that I shan't be shopping with them anymore. I'm sure they'll be crushed.) I love the little Mary Jane strap, or whatever you call that.

I may have to wear them out to dinner since they look good with jeans!

In non-sewing news, my mother made me this shell necklace after taking a class with a lady - nice!

And Lucas developed a need for glasses - he chose bright blue frames (when seen from the top) after deciding against Sally Jesse Raphael red - phew!

And finally, we went Geocaching around Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores. Can you spot the containers?

Somebody very clever set these out.

And we walked about 3 miles that day in beautiful weather - who knew this was hiding across from the beach?!

May have to rent a cabin or go tent camping here sometime...

Now to finish my knitted split-neck sweater which I will wear to work next week. Then to finish the socks on circulars I've been learning to do. What are you working on lately?