Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Update

Helloooo! Been a little busy lately, how 'bout you? I've still been knitting, but I also just got back from a meeting in Portland, OR, and have been giving lots of lectures, etc. Let's have a look. I just like this picture of Lucas and Jake sharing a moment on the porch.

This is a pack of striped cotton yarn I got to make dishcloths - I really should think of something else to make with this stuff, or else I'll have to open an Etsy store to sell them!

This is a few of the hats my MIL and her friends have been making for our NICU babies...

and just a couple of the blankets. These ladies are so creative with the colors and patterns - they freehand these things!

So last weekend Dean and I ran the Azalea Train Run 10K, and I shaved a minute or two off my time. Did a 11:47 minute mile - woohoo! I took a couple of pics just because this is the only downhill portion, and you can see I'm behind hundreds of people way off in the distance.

And the Azalea Trail Maids are scattered along the course - very nice.

Here's a washcloth I made for Drew's girlfriend.

And now for my Portland trip! Here's a beautiful sunset from the plane.

This is the view from a tram that takes you from the river up to OHSU Medical Center with the VA and the Children's Hospital - cool!

Can you imagine having a hospital room overlooking this view? If your bed is aimed that way, I guess, and you're well enough to care.

This is the longest covered walkway in the country, reportedly, connecting the main hospital to the VA - and that's a gigantic VA!

On the way back home, I walked through the Atlanta airport's concourse connector instead of taking the train and was rewarded not only with the history of Atlanta, but this rainforest, complete with chirping birds and dripping water!

They even have video screens simulating the sky and birds flying overhead periodically. I love this!!!

And finally, this was the opening session of my meeting. The president was surprised by a flash mob. And the dinner on the last night was accompanied by a live band and a huge dance floor where about 100 attendees tore it up - I have found my people!