Friday, October 4, 2013

A Million Pictures of the Process...

I started with 4 T-shirts, and was afraid I'd need more because the back side corset piece is really long, and most of the T-shirts are not that big, but it worked out after all. (I thought I was one piece short so I went and bought more Rit, then imagine my surprise when ALL the pieces were in the pile - the Lord is my seamstress!)

I mean even teeny-weeny pieces of T-shirt were used...

I'm demonstrating how it's really quick to baste the necklines if you stack the 4 pieces up, then I re-read the directions and you don't baste until you've matched the 2 layers together - oh well.

So here are the front top pieces laid out to be stenciled. I had 2 paper grocery bags that I cut up to protect the table.

And may I say how awesome Krylon Easy Tack is? It was half the price of Spray Mount at Michael's, so there's a plug for that (it holds the stencil to the fabric). I did have to peel the stencil off and move it up to cover the whole thing because my posterboard was too short.

Tulip fabric paint ready...set...go!

Uh, yuck.

I mean really, yuck!

Well, I've never painted anything, so I didn't quite know how to attack it. I started at the bottom right with heavier paint and outlining the stencil by jabbing the paintbrush around the perimeter, but realized it looks much better to use a lighter hand, so I think it gets better as you move up and to the left.

By the time I got to the back, I was quite confident. I finished that in about 2 hours, including setup and cleanup. (Now I'm thinking I should've gone with a lavendarish paint, but my thread is beige, so it's all gonna work out.)

Today, I matched the top layers with the bottoms layers, pinned them together, and remembered to cut a small hole in the painted areas where I'll be trimming while I could still get my hand between the layers.

And now to stitch...

and trim when bored with stitching.

And I'm halfway done with the back center piece after a couple of hours. It IS addictive, and I think it's going to be really pretty when I finish - like a piece of art. (But where, exactly, does one where a piece of art to dinner?)

Only thing is, Katrina told me she made one and it's really low-cut, so I may be modifying this in some way. Bianca S. added a ruffle to one of her AC shirts for more modesty - I may be looking into that. Now back to stitching!


Pam said...

Cute! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Sheila said...

Wow... that's coming along nicely.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, guys! I've turned into a lump sitting at the kitchen table sewing for hours now. Addiction is a terrible thing.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Oh really nice! I really want to try this now.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Ann, I totally see you making a gorgeous dress!