Saturday, October 17, 2015

Running in the Coras - No Solicitations

Lucas still thinks they're inappropriate, but I persevered this morning and ran 3.5 miles in them...up and down a somewhat major street and past 2 neighbors who waved and said hello, but did not snicker or front of me. They were fabulous and supportive without rubbing or itching or pulling (the tights, not the neighbors), and I didn't even feel overly warm in them. I was a little worried about how the bum would look - were the polka dots calling attention to a sagging derriere? - so I had Lucas film a little running so I could see whether or not to be embarrassed when close to traffic stacked up at a stop sign.

I think they're fine! Two things - I do want to bring the gusset slightly more forward for appearance' sake, and I do think I'll make the next pair with black dri-fit fabric over the bum and inner leg, and maybe a print on the outer leg...or would that emphasize my hips too much? Hey - who cares! And in family news, here's what the big boys are doing today, and what inspired me to run farther than usual:

Yes, the first Spartan race in Alabama - go Saraland! And Dean finally put his Auburn tag on...but not his car. Baby steps....

And lastly, my sister-in-law was looking for a buyer for her mother's ~60-year-old Singer sewing machine...and I made my first impulse purchase! I'm joining the ranks of you ladies who swear by vintage machines for topstitching, buttonholes, etc., and I can't wait to try her out in a couple of weeks! The mojo is back in business.

Now to go finish those Palmer/Pletsch pants I started. What are you tackling this weekend?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Running or Dancing?

Oh, the Cora running is ON. Lucas said I look like I'm on a dance team...that was when I was barefooted in a T-shirt. You know I had to try it with my purple Ivanka Trump heels and matching top - now who feels like dancing?!

The polka dots take it to another level...quite possibly DOWN a level....but they're hilarious.

Okay, this is more appropriate, uh, except for the muffin top created by the pants being a size too small. Guess I'll size the next ones up.

Or wear a looser shirt. Love that they match my shoes.

Here's the waistband - I love how this is all sewn together with a very comfortable waistband, but the blue contrast is making me look really odd-shaped, like my knees are bowing towards each other...weird.

My phone actually fits in this pocket!

Okay, seriously, this is nylon lycra swimsuit material, so I'll burn up if I run in it, but I do plan to make it in some Dri-fit fabric, hopefully, if I can find that online. And I'll make it larger, promise! Now to find some ribbons and a gymnastics team to join....(or a corner to hang out on....)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mojo Missing...Story at 11

Well, I had it, then it was gone. I basted up some pants after tissue-fitting my Palmer/Pletsch pattern using the Craftsy class, and I still had some wrinkles, so I lost interest. I had an extra pattern, so I decided to start over from scratch, but couldn't face it just yet, so I threw the pants under the machine and took up the side seams a huge amount, which ended up making a decent pair of pants. If I can get back up there and throw a waistband on them, they'll actually be wearable - invisible zipper's already installed in the back! I just hate fiddling with patterns and rulers and measuring - bleh.

In the interim, I finished the neckband on the AC dress I started in the summer with Robbie - remember all that airbrushing? Well here's how THAT ended up...oh, it's precious!

The back is a little awkward despite my swayback adjustment....

And I THOUGHT I was standing up straight with the gut sucked in, but I look amazingly frumpy! I honestly just think I'm not meant to wear certain styles of dresses....or it needs a belt....or the length is wrong...I have no idea why it doesn't look good. It's only one layer of fabric, so that could be it - my Mardi Gras dress was 2 layers and thicker...and full-length....and beaded.

Here's some of the stitching I started on it..

then decided maybe I should take it out and leave it unembellished...whatcha think? So after THAT letdown, I got sidetracked by this Jalie pattern, and decided to make some running pants!

So after watching 2 Project Runways in a row, I made it to Joann's to get this nylon lycra:

The black is the main fabric, polka dots for the back, and purple for the calf. It's in the washer now, but my serger is at the shop, so I don't know how far I'll get. Hopefully at least cutting it out!

And here's something funny. The other morning I kept hearing something hit the window, so I thought the crazy cardinal was back that used to divebomb us all the time. I checked 3 times and never saw anything till the 4th time - imagine my surprise!

And he had a buddy in the bush, who was apparently daring him to steal our Honey Bunches of Oats.

OHHH - and I did wear my AC couched skirt to a big cancer benefit downtown (everybody was wearing wild stuff, so no comments were made), where the Prancing Elites were performing! Have you heard of them? We only got to see a little dancing, which was quite professional, and everybody had to sign waivers because they're filming a reality show for Oxygen - cool!

Alright, the washer's done, so let's see if I can do some sewing tonight...