Monday, June 20, 2016

Pioneer Woman and Publix for Dinner

But first, some knitting ART. My Mom and I did another sock class at Mobile Yarn and these were on a display table!

They even have SHRIMP! How precious is this? And who the heck spent hours knitting it? (And what do you do with it?)

Okay, if I'm going to spend hours on something, I think it'll be something to wear. So let's look at my current art really looks like a sock!

Didn't realize I photographed the one mistake in my sock - I twisted a stitch or something and threw off the ribbing just a smidge.

Look at that gusset - stunning!

Gusset and heel flap - LOVE!

So knitting the foot gets a little boring, thus I took a minute to finish my sleeve. Unfortunately, I dropped a stitch on the double-pointeds and couldn't get it all the way back, so I decided to make them 3/4 length sleeves and call it done - yay! Except that I noticed the sleeve fits a lot better with a proper lace pattern...

so the other sleeve is not only full-length, but quite baggy.

Therefore I have committed to fixing the other sleeve, and have already ripped it back to the start. But that was yesterday while I was still on call. Today I'm off call and got home from work a little early, so I decided to cook dinner. Lucas and I perused the Pioneer Woman cookbook, and he settled on a salad for dinner...behold, the chicken taco salad!

Instead of cooking my own chicken, I picked up a Publix Barbeque chicken and shredded it. The avocado and roasted corn make it really delicious, but Dean added some roasted jalapenos - even better! The dressing is Ranch mixed with salsa and cilantro. (And have you ever put 3 corn cobs in a skillet on high heat? It starts making popping sounds and the kernels swell up before turning brown - I was worried one would blow off and hit me in the eye.)

And while I was in Publix I spotted the Apron booth's dessert - Greek honey yogurt with berries. Now Greek yogurt is kind of tart and unappetizing, so you have to sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar on it...

and let it sit for a while in the frig, then it actually does taste like a dessert. Lucas ate 2 helpings!

I'll be having it for breakfast tomorrow...and hopefully getting further along on that sock...and that sleeve!


BeckyW said...

I'm super impressed with your socks. It is a shame to put shoes on over them! I had an email from the library last week about a "Knit in Public" day that they were hosting last Saturday. Jessica has been learning to knit a bit. She started about 4 weeks ago by watching a YouTube video, and only knows one stitch. She's been knitting a scarf from some variegated yarn. It is really quite pretty. Somehow it fortunately turned out that the color changes right at the end of the row so it is turning out in actual stripes. It was too funny. A couple of the ladies crowded around her and was commenting on how she held her thread. Apparently, she knits "continental". They made a big deal of it and Jessica was so flattered.

Apparently, both the Ben May and the West Regional libraries have knitting groups that meet each week. You can just come and knit. There are ladies that run both programs that can help with questions. The one at West Regional is at 3:30 to 5:00 pm on Wednesdays. I would go this Wednesday, but I have to take Jessica back to the pediatrician to have her TB test read and signed off on. I have to get all these college tasks taken care of.

Loving your food pics. Tonight we are having "crawfish orleans". I buy the "crawfish orleans" in a frozen container at Publix. I thaw and warm it. I serve it over thin spaghetti. I like to buy the Pilsbury french bread dough. I mush it flat like focaccia bread, chop some fresh rosemary ontop and brush with olive oil. It makes for an easy night supper.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

WOW! I can't do continental, and my Mom has been taking a Craftsy class to learn how to do it - go Jessica! I heard about KIP day but didn't go do it - should've joined y'all. I saw a group on "Meetup" too - I think that one is at Mobile Yarn, actually. We might have to add a GCGKW to our GCGSW and invite Jessica!

I think Dean might have made the crawfish Orleans, too - it was frozen and he put it over rice I think. Your bread sounds delicious - may have to try that one next time I get the wild hair to cook again!

Anonymous said...

OK, ya'll have to do dinner next GCGSW! I have done NO sewing. I bought the cottage next door to me as a rental house. We've been working on it, it needs a lot of love. This way I can keep it up the way I think it should be and pick my neighbors.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Very nice, Robbie! And now we have a second location if y'all get tired of coming to my place for GCGSW! I actually went upstairs the other night and cut out another AC T-shirt, but used a Jalie V-neck pattern. I'm hoping to freehand a peplum - any suggestions on placement or length of that??