Saturday, September 19, 2015

Getting the Mojo Back....

Well, I wore the skirt to dinner with a blue tank and the AC wrap that was a gift from them at the Blackberry Farm weekend. Sadly, we were seated immediately by the front door, so I didn't get to prance around the restaurant looking for reactions. Oh well, it's comfortable and I love it, so that's all that matters. (Now, there is a big social event coming up in a month where I can wear it, so I'll look for reactions then!)

I did have a surge in mojo after that, and started the Palmer/Pletsch Craftsy class on fitting pants, since I felt like Sandra Betzina's class with the princess pants was a little too intense. I'm loving the class, and have my tissue fitted, so hopefully I'll cut fabric this weekend and have something to show you...and wear to work! Now for family and fellow band-nerds, here's Lucas on the drums from our football game last night - no sewing because we had to see the new drums solo - he's the bassist with a buzzcut.

We were right impressed with his drumming skills! And I ran another 5K this morning, with only one good day of training over the past 3 weeks - bleh. Still made it in 39 mins and 30 seconds, so that's an improvement over the last one - I'll take it!

Okay, now to those pants! What are you doing this weekend?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Alabama Chanin Couched Skirt - DONE!

But first, some cray-cray. This is another of those 3-D puzzles I'm obsessed with.

Behold the beauty! Three others are on my mantel in the living room, but I'll leave this at the beach where it belongs - I'm not THAT crazy!

And now, the SKIRT!

I feel like Zac Posen from Project Runway would tell me I made it an awkward length, but it doesn't look right coming above my kneecaps.

I haven't worn it anywhere yet - waiting on the right opportunity...

Here's a lightened close-up for you.

And I HAVE to have a solemn AC-style shot.

I am so digging on these pointy ballerina Ivanka Trump heels!

Okay, now that my life is complete on that front, I'm trying to finish that dang knitted lace sweater I got stuck on a few months ago. I hope to see you before the year is over to show some progress there. Have a great Labor Day weekend!