Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flashback to the 90's

I found the lingerie! I am so impressed with my workmanship on this - look at that lace. I didn't have a serger back then and apparently I could sew elastic well, unlike my attempt last summer at a bathing suit.

Of course, the underwear fit more like a thong and constricted my breathing, being up on my ribcage and all, so I only wore them 10 minutes.

Here's the Sewing Step-by-Step club I was talking about. Surely some of you women were in this.

You got 10 cardboard binders and every month you got a few new cards and a pattern. Let's see what it was like!

This is an example of Your Personal Style. Did you know that a well-defined waist is an asset? But a woman with a big butt should wear a skirt instead of pants. (See the paragraph on "Buttocks?")

And here's an idea from Sewing Home Accessories. I made some window treatments, but never shirred my walls.

This is from Learning the Basics. I actually left this one out to read through again - it had some good tips.

But now to the patterns. These are the only ones I kept - the rest were awful. I made all of these except the cape and the elastic-waist pants.

All that's in the envelope is the pattern, so you need the cards for instructions. They had nice pictures and tips for making your outfit unique.

So did anybody else get these every month? I think it was $11.99 a shipment and I did it for about a year and a half, and then they just quit coming. I guess they ran out of ideas. I may try that customer service number and see if they're still in business. Of course there's no website listed - we didn't HAVE the internet back then!

I also was a member of the World of Beauty club in the 80's - remember that one Junior? Every month you got a plastic tray of eye shadows, blusher, lip colors, etc. Now I've graduated to Meaningful Beauty, which is nothing but moisturizers and anti-wrinkle serum. (I guess for the next decade I'll join a club sending samples of laxatives and lubricants - look out now!)


gwensews said...

I did not get any sewing series, but have seen some old issues. There were several companies that produced them. I remember the make-up clubs, too. The good old days! And now, I am into wrinkle creams--bring on the Retinol!

Junior said...

Good ole' World of Beauty! When a new box would arrive it was like Navin Johnson getting the new phone book in "The Jerk"

Sister said...

The new lip gloss is here! The new lip gloss is here!

Pammie said...

Those are so much fun! I have a pattern for lingerie cut out but haven't figured out the elastic yet - now that I'm back from Hawaii for two weeks I can try again!

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

I just came across your site. i thought I was the only one who still has that sewing series. I agree, some of the info is still valid today. Perhaps, I just need to get rid of it.

Sister said...

Yay Angela! I knew somebody else had to be ordering those things! I'm torn about getting rid of it - SO much information....