Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mardi Gras Dress Extravaganza

First dress, bought in 1999. Found to be off grain with twisting of the fabric over the lining - very annoying. And absolutely nothing interesting about the front.

Marginally interesting back. This is what I look like if you're sitting at the table.

Oh, I actually look skinny in one! Again, nothing interesting about the front other than some dark beads around my neck - feels like a dog collar. Also bought in 1999.

Va-va-voom! I can just approach everyone backwards. Unfortunately, I'll have to have some serious Spanxage for the side shot. (Oh, you really shouldn't drink when you're pregnant - can I get you an O'Doul's??)

My favorite-est pink puffy dress, bought in 2001. This is the one that I stepped on and yanked the shoulder strap from the dress, which I didn't realize until the breeze hit my chest and I saw beads pouring on the floor. That happened TWICE.

It's just so princessy, I should donate it to somebody younger. I think I'm too old for it now....and I never fixed that strap.

This is the one I liked best tonight, but my goodness at my gut! Bought around 2008.

Nothing terribly interesting about it other than the beading. I think it makes me look heavy...or solid.

Oh jeez, I can't believe I wore this. The worst one of the bunch, possibly. This is the one I made in 2010. Peter from New York actually commented on my review at PR and said "that is one fantastic dress."

God bless him for being nice to a new reviewer! He even gave me a zipper tip.

And the one I made last year.

Maybe I could redo the back straps to look more interesting somehow...nah, I only have 2 weeks.

So....which one will it be? In person I decided I would wear the dark gray beaded one, but in pictures I think the black one looks nice - maybe because I was standing farther from the camera!

And I DID wear my new skinny jeans to dinner last night...with a belt since the WAISTBAND stretched OUT! Arrrgh! I'm washing and drying them tonight to see if they'll shrink a bit, and if not, I may have to do put some darts in. Whatever, I'm not a tucker.


Sheila said...

I love the black gown... totally love it, and my second choice is the last one. Bummer about the waist band, hoping the darts help.

Pammie said...

Fantastic! I love the dresses - but I do like the black first (so skinny!) followed by the last (the purple) - both are fantastic on you - although I think the black does it for me!

Congrats on your jeans!!!

KID, MD said...

I'm with Pammie - black is my fave, but the purple velvet one you made last year looks really great, too. I'm so excited that your jeans got an outing!! Grrr to the waistband. Pam Erny gave me a tip with my last pair of jeans that worked really well for me, which was to use two layers of interfacing instead of just one. It worked like a charm for me. I can't wait to see them anyway!

Word verification: widnes - "Hey, you see dat?" "Nah, brutha, I dinnt widnes nuttin o' the sort."

Sheila said...

I think there is a comment gremlin... my comments are not appearing... uggh.

I love the black dress ... it looks fabulous on you. My 2nd fav is the last one.

Junior said...

Gosh, I think they're all beautiful! But I'll go with the black one too.

RobbieK said...

I like the black, too. I think you look good going and coming.

Stretching waist on the jeans. Try sewing some grosgrain ribbon to the inside of the top of the band. The ribbon doesn't stretch and you can't see it from the outside. It's worked for me on a couple pair and also on some of DH's pants.

Sister said...

Thanks for voting - I'll go with the black! Sheila - both of your comments disappeared but I got them in my email anyway - thanks!

KID - good to know about double interfacing. And widnes rhymes with bidness - as in "My jeans are too tight. You can widnes my bidness!"

Robbie - are you back from vacation? Hope it was great - and thanks for the ribbon trick - I should've done that when I selvaged the crotch...

RobbieK said...
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RobbieK said...

Well, really wanted to edit my post instead of delete. But, yes, I'm back.

You can sew the ribbon in now. It just takes some fiddling to stop and start to get around the belt loops.