Sunday, February 26, 2012

American Idol - the Early Predictions

Man, it stinks to come home sick from a vacation. I'll never complain about living in the armpit of America again. (See, if Florida is an arm, Mobile is the armpit. Or say Florida is a leg, then we're definitely the crotch. And both of those are hot and humid, wouldn't you agree?) Colorado is beautiful, but being high and dry for a whole week hurts! I think I only slept well one night out of 5. That last night my throat was so sore and my nose was so stuffy that I dragged a chair into the bathroom at 11:30 PM (we'd left a light on for the boys) and read a book for 3 1/2 hours. The book was 1Q84, for anybody who needs a 1,000-page Japanese mind-boggler.

But I digress. We got caught up on American Idol, and here are my favorites. First is Reed Grimm, who is insane.

And who is also a dead ringer for Edward Norton, whom I love.

Second favorite is Phil Phillips, who reminds me of Dave Matthews with his voice and freaky leg movements when playing the guitar.

And finally, Heejun Han, who has an okay voice, but is mostly hilarious in a totally deadpan way. His whole bit with the overbearing cowboy was over the top, and when their group made it, he apologized to the cowboy and said, "I talked a lot of craps about you [behind your back], and I apologize to your parents." Ryan was interviewing him about being nervous and said, "What are you sweating right now?" Heejun says, "Mostly water."

In sewing news, I was a bad girl and bought some sweater knits online while I was freezing in Colorado. (I know, it's like grocery shopping when you're hungry, right?)

What should I make with this zebra thing? I have no idea, but it looked fun.

And of course we left 3 degrees in Colorado to return to 58 degrees in the armpit, so I better sew something up quick with these, or I'll have to save them for next year.


gwensews said...

58 degrees in the South? Oh, makes me homesick. (I'm from Missouri). I love that Zebra print. Yowzer! I'm having a private Oscar party tonight. You're invited. Required dress: ratty pajamas!

Sister said...

Gwen, I'm going to change right now and I'll bring some wine!

Anonymous said...

I'm back home too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the warmer weather. I'm so glad to be back in my own bed with my own pillow and my own humidifier.

RobbieK said...
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Sister said...

Robbie, welcome back! We had 3 dang humidifiers in Colorado that never worked. Did you get any fabric , or were you snowed in the whole time?