Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Boy Picks for 2012

Okay, you already know my top 2 favorites are Reed Grimm and Phillip Phillips.

Phillip changed up Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight so much it was crazy. I wanted it to go a little faster, but it was still Adam Lambert-like in its creativity.

Here's the rest of the list in no particular order....

These next 2 are at the bottom of my list, although Colton may stick in there.

And I forgot to get pictures of Heejun and De'Andre with the long frizzy hair - they're definitely going home...I think. Since they have to cut so many, all I can say is that Jermaine is definitely staying (3rd pic from top).

And can I say how fast fabric.com is? I got my fabrics TODAY and they're already washed and dried and ready to go! I'm thinking an infinity scarf with the zebra knit - it's really thin and pretty sheer. Sheila linked a great tutorial for making one. Haven't figured out the moss green one yet...

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