Sunday, February 5, 2012

So Close to Finishing!

I worked on them as much as I could today, but between being on call and having the Pinewood Derby all afternoon, I didn't get finished. So Lucas is a very poor picture taker, but this is what we have. I lightened it up so you can see the left pocket showing through because Vogue doesn't do pocket facings with cotton - just a big denim pocket. Dean noticed the pockets showing through right off the bat. The right one's not QUITE as noticeable because of what I did below.

I got rid of as much denim as I could on the right pocket.

(I love my little spaceship and astronaut!) The other pocket has the coin pocket and would be too involved, so I left it alone. Plus it's the leg with the big run in it, which Dean also noticed.

So I get a little pulling in the pocket, which some of my RTW do as well - I think it's that the pocket bag has more fabric than the leg...or something like that.

And here's the rear. You can't tell these things are skin tight, can you? The legs still look a little generous but they FEEL just fine.

All I have left is putting the carriers on, doing the buttonhole, and hemming, then I'll find a proFESSional photographer to get some pictures.

So Lucas's car set a track record in the first heat, but a wheel popped off with a tiny piece of wood when it slammed into the finish line. Dean worked hard to get it back together, but it didn't go that fast again so he came in 4th place, which means no trophy. He was pretty devastated. (Two Tiger Cubs cried but by the time you're a Webelos, you've learned to hold it in.) I told him that I knew how it felt to work so hard on something and then it doesn't turn out quite like you wanted, because I feel the same way about my jeans. He said, "Yeah, but Mom, your jeans didn't come in first place and then break." He has a point.


KID, MD said...

So close!! I think they look darn good! You did a great job on the construction. WRT the pocket - I have that problem with the wrinkling and have found that extending the pocket facing all the way to the center front (so that it catches is the fly seams) keeps my pocket nicely in place and gives a little tummy support.

Pammie said...

Great job on the pants so far! I agree they look very professional! WRT the pocket - I use a very light cotton . . . and I too extend the pocket facing all the way to the center front . . because for some reason they always seem to go all the way to the fly. . .

Looking great!

Anna Keeton said...

Hi, am so glad I found your blog. Your topstitching looks great and the technique of adding the reinforcing tape to the one seam looks very useful. I have also wondered about that front pocket thing- I have a pair of white Levi's that do that.

gwensews said...

Good job on those jeans! PeggySagers has a couple of good pants fitting videos, free, on her website "". She shows how to pin out the fullness on the legs of a pants muslin. If you go to her website, on the right-side, there is a link under "past webcasts" where all her webcasts are listed. BTW, she is doing a webcast tonight on knits.

Sister said...

Thanks guys, and welcome Anna (fellow jeans class participant)! I will definitely change the pattern to use a piece extending to the fly for the pocket, and Gwen, I love Peggy's webcasts - I found her on your blog and have her bookmarked.