Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skinny Jeans....Done.

I have a beautiful grosgrain ribbon to use inside a waistband on the next pair like Robbie suggested, but I didn't want to hide my spaceman on this pair so I took 6 tiny darts in the waistband.

You can barely see them on the outside, plus I don't tuck.

I practiced a buttonhole using topstitching thread on the right. Yeah, um, that didn't work. I changed to regular thread - it's bright orange but looks exactly the same.

Uh, okay. My Brother doesn't like doing buttonholes on denim layers - the plastic foot doesn't seem to have the pressure to move the fabric. I had to pull it through by hand pretty much. I'll try the Janome next time.

"Howdy! Can I getcha some tartar sauce to go with that fried catfish? Yeehaw!"

Tucking only to show construction details. Note right front pocket wrinkles - pocket bag indeed has too much fabric....nailed permanently in place by rivets.

Note the illusion of a contoured waistband...

which can actually stretch to accommodate a small child. Well...I exaggerate...maybe just an automatic weapon.

The end.

I'll tweak the pattern to get a better fit around the waist, and I'd like to work out that right leg wrinkle on the back, but that one's on every pair of RTW pants I have. I'm happy. Stay tuned for a rivet tutorial...


Pammie said...

Yeah! I love the pants - they look fantastic on you (and very comfy!). Congratulations on your finish! Better too loose than too tight. . .

And, I'm looking forward to the rivet tutorial - I'm not sure I'm doing mine right!

RobbieK said...

In looking at "the end" very closely, it looks like your right hip may be a little higher than the left hip. Could be causing the wrinkles. I dunno how to fix it but I'm sure somebody does. Check and see if Cynthia Guffey has any instructions anywhere.

BTW, is Sandra coming this March?