Monday, February 27, 2012

My Keen Powers of Observation

I ordered these 2 books after reading Victoria's post about fitting books. I'd hyperlink her blog, but that function's been squirrely, has anybody else noticed?

So I started reading the Singer book on the flight from Colorado, which is not too cool when you're sitting next to a man and there are all these pictures of women in underwear with measuring tapes around them. This book is from 1984 I think, and the pictures were cracking me up.

Now today I picked up the other one to start reading it because Gwen mentioned it on her blog (I am easily influenced by others, huh), and guess what...

they have some of the same pictures. I got a strong sense of deja vu when I hit that picture (smaller pic on bottom) because that Vogue pattern's so old and it's weird that it's in a book written in 2012. I went back to the Singer book and found it (larger pic on top).

Then imagine my surprise when the underwear and tape measure lady showed up again!

So does that strike anybody else as odd, or I am just being nit-picky? (I checked the photograph and illustration credits, and nobody overlaps between the 2 books.)

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gwensews said...

Interesting. I'm sure SarahVeblen had permission to lift that photo. Now I have to go get out those books and look again. Funny that the model hasn't aged! I like that Singer book too, and often have found a solution in it. Excellent photos.