Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jeans Almost Done

Well, I worked for a couple of hours on these today. I used the Betzina tip of sewing a selvage in the crotch seam so it won't stretch out. I also did a faux flat-fell here a la Pants for Real People.

The inseam and crotch seam matched up perfectly on the first try!

The yoke took 3 attempts and I finally had to offset them slightly so that when the foot climbed over it pushed them into near-perfect alignment. (Drew didn't get that this was 4 pieces of material joined together - he seemed awed that this is how his RTW jeans were put together.)

Crappy iphone pic - I don't have the waistband on yet and they slide down if I let go, so I'm hiding my undies with my top. I look very short from this angle, and you can't see my pockets too well, but they turned out nicely.

So the legs are nice for work but baggy for jeans (especially skinny jeans - hello!), so I took an extra 1/2" seam allowance on the side seams, which made the hips too tight. I'll let those out 1/4" and hope to waistband and belt loop them tomorrow.

I'll probably use Jennifer Stern's instructions from the class on adjusting the rise and make another pair of these for work...we'll see. I really need to figure out what Mardi Gras dress I'm wearing in a couple of weeks. Maybe tomorrow I'll try them all on and ask for a show of hands. It seems like when I post pictures on the blog I can tell which one I should choose - much better than looking in a mirror. I'm sleepy - good night!


Pammie said...

Fantastic so far! I am completely impressed with your faux fell stitches! I have to try those out. I've been struggling with the flat felled stitches. I haven't figured them out yet for the inseams. . . They do look wonderful!

Sheila said...

The jeans are looking great and you did real good with matching up the seams and flat fell.