Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Minor Jean Suckage

Okay, Vogue said to interface the pocket then embroider it, then press seam allowances in. Unfortunately I grabbed the sew-in interfacing I guess - it wouldn't fuse. And this was the pocket I already embroidered. This is going to catch on my ring or something when I stick my hand in my pocket. If the point is just to stabilize the pocket, I may use that spaceship cotton fabric. Any other reason you'd interface an entire pocket?

Yikes, why did they place the pattern so high? If I did the top-stitching I wanted to do at the top, it would run into the design. I tried 1/4"-spaced stitching but it looks terrible. I think I'll toss this and move it lower on the next pocket.

And I flubbed the bottom of the fly stitching on the curve - see how it widens out then gets narrower again? My edge-stitching foot just has tiny little markings to line up and not an actual piece of metal to put the fabric against. Oh well, there's that big run in the fabric, right, so I wasn't going to wear these anywhere important anyway...

And these carriers are SO wide! Next time I'll do it Jennifer Stern's way - Vogue actually had me sew a seam, trim it, and TURN the whole thing! Do you know how hard it is to turn a strip of denim? Neither do they!

Now I'm already thinking about what's next when these are done, and I may try some Kwik Sew Boy Short panties. I found a panty plethora at Stitches and Seams and researched some Kwik Sew patterns briefly. I made some lingerie in 1993 - I'll have to dig those up and get a picture. It was a camisole and undies and they were so uncomfortable I never wore them, but they were so PRETTY!

Now that was back when there was a club that sent you several pages each month to put in your 10 binders, and you got a new pattern every month too. I'll take some pictures of it - it's hilarious to see the styles. I actually made a bunch of things but I've tossed most of the patterns now. More on that tomorrow hopefully.

Next up - what Mardi Gras dress will I wear this year? I kind of hate the 2 I made now. Did you read The Help? Remember how they talk about how homemade Elizabeth's clothes looked, but they didn't tell her to her face? I feel like that. But I don't want to buy a new one, so I may recycle the pink one with the broken straps and see what I can do.


KID, MD said...

The instructions on my last pair of Vogue pants had me interface the back pockets, too! Maybe to prevent sagging? I've never seen it on RTW. Your pocket embroidery will even out a little when you stitch the pocket down, too.
I can't wait to see the 90s style lingerie! That sounds fun!

gwensews said...

You do not need interfacing on that pocket. If the decorative stitching distorts the fabric as you stitch, then place a piece of tear-away stabilizer underneath and then remove it once the stitching is done. Or, iron a piece of freezer paper (shiny side) to the back of the pocket, stitch it, and remove the paper.

Pammie said...

I didn't interface my pockets after the first time either!

And, I wouldn't worry about the stitching - on my designer (Hudson, True Religion Jeans) jeans the stitching is sometimes seemingly purposefully sloppy - so I don't see any problem at all with your stitching!

Good luck on your pocket placement - I almost always wait until I am almost done to sew on - of course - this isn't the Stern or Vogue method however!

Sister said...

Yes, maybe that's a Vogue thing - I think stabilizer would be a better choice. Didn't know about the freezer paper thing - good to know, Gwen! And you're right Pammie, I've been analyzing my patients' jeans intensely this week and I've noticed all sorts of oddness with the stitching.