Saturday, November 29, 2008

(Big) House of Cards

Who knew the fun you could have building houses of cards? But that CAN be fun; especially when you've been kicked off the computer, the DS, and the cartoon channel, and nobody will play with you. Here at the Dr. Fun Penitentiary for Wayward Boys we encourage self-reliance as well as manual dexterity, demonstrated quite well by Drew, our oldest inmate.....I mean son. (I think the fact that he could remove 2 cards from the bottom row indicates a need for more frequent vacuuming.)

And Lucas was proud to show off his house, but even more eager to demonstrate the fruits of his labor in the prison weightroom. Unfortunately, his tats washed off in the shower and his shank was confiscated when he was overheard saying, "Jake, don't you mess with my cards or I'll cut you!"

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