Friday, November 7, 2008

Are Ya' Ready for Some Campin'???

This is Drew's new 2-man tent. He's now ready for the Boy Scout Shooting Campout on November 22. I'm not. It's one thing for Momma to go to BOW and blow a shotgun, but I don't know about my baby doin' it. Anyway, he had to put this together by himself last night as a dry run for our campout tomorrow night in the backyard.

Yes, they were supposed to go on a county-wide Cub Scout campout at the Battleship this weekend with Dean, but who's got early Alzheimer's and mis-read the date? I don't know - I've got Alzheimer's! So that was tonight, and neither of us could take them tonight, so the consolation prize is the backyard with Mom again tomorrow night - woohoo! We did this in the summer and what fun! Sweating to death, not a breeze to be had, but we did read a scary story by flashlight and, really, that's all you need.

So I'm trying to pick out the scary story tonight (is a Stephen King shorty too intense for Lucas?) and tomorrow we'll shop for s'mores supplies. Then we'll set up camp, roast hotdogs and s'mores over the gas grill, and force Jake to sleep in the tent with Drew. (I don't think the panic on Jake's face at being zipped into a tent conveyed very well in the picture.) More pictures to follow!

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