Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the Mind of Lucas

We passed a cemetery today and Lucas asked me if they put you in a box when you die, or what else can they do with you. I briefly explained coffins and cremation, and he asked me to please not burn him up because he doesn't want for people not to be able to see him anymore. Drew told him nobody sees you when you're in a coffin except graverobbers (thanks, Drew). Lucas said if we dug Pappy up what would he look like, and couldn't we pick him up and carry him back home if we wanted to?

He also is going to change his name when he turns Dry Bones. Apparently that's a character in Mario Kart. He asked me today if I thought Dry Bones Henry Batten sounded better than Dry Bones Yoshi Batten. Apparently Yoshi is another character, but not as fast as Dry Bones. Drew handled the rest of that conversation, pointing out that with 2 first names you don't need the middle name.

After conversations like these, don't I deserve a little drinky-poo tonight???? You betcha!

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