Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Wishes

I was thinking last night about what Lucas asks for for Christmas every year. From the time he could talk, he's asked for a "big wed suckah." Every single year except this year. And every single year, Santa has brought him a big sucker, maybe not red. The one from last year is still in the pantry on a shelf unopened (maybe I can recycle that).

And for the past 4 years Santa has also brought pajamas with feet in them. Now ordinarily a kid would be heartbroken that one of their Santa gifts was clothes, but Lucas has always loved his warm soft pajamas, and he told me the other night that he sure wished Santa would bring him some new footie-pajamas like he got a couple of years ago. (I had to make him quit wearing last year's footies because his toes were curling under and he couldn't stand up straight when fully zipped. Underestimated his size, din'cha Santa?) It's the simple things in life that make Lucas happy. He said if Santa didn't bring them, could Daddy and I maybe get him some?

Oh, yes, sweet angel Lucas, Santa sure can bring you some warm fuzzy footed pajamas for your precious little body. 'Cause there's free shipping from Land's End until November 11!

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