Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dr. Pepper at 5 AM?

Okay, do you people remember breakfast at Mamaw's house? She'd wake us up around 5 AM and she'd fixed scrambled eggs (1 apiece, which was brown, non-runny, and crispy somehow - not like Momma's) with toast which was always sunken in with butter in the middle and a little burned around the edges (done in the oven, not the toaster oven like we had). And to top it off, a Dr. Pepper, icy cold! Oooh, that was such good stuff! And she had to go to work at the phone company in Birmingham, so she'd leave and we'd go back to bed after breakfast. Good times, good times.

But I have to ask - why did our parents leave us with her overnight when she had to work the next day? Did she work on weekends or did they just go out a hell of a lot????? Of course, they were in their 30's, so there you go.

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Momma said...

Well, Sister...........first of all, you said scrambled eggs and I don't think Memaw cooked those until they were brown. Could you mean fried eggs?

And, I believe that someone was there to keep you when Memaw went to work rather than you're being left alone.........that is if Papaw counts! I'm sure that he would have cooked you eggs, toast, hashbrowns, bacon, and anything else your little heart desired.