Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crying in the Movies

Lucas and I went to see Gravity last night while Dean and Drew were both working. I give it a thumbs up, though as we were walking out of the theater some guy yelled, "That was the absolute worst movie - I hope you people know that!"

I think Sandra Bullock was excellent...and in excellent SHAPE! In this scene she shucks off her space suit, and as she's arching backward, her THIGH muscle is larger than her BUTT. (I've got to get back to Pure Barre!)

But something weird happened first. They showed a preview of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which is a book I haven't read, and stars Ben Stiller...who looks like my dad in some of the scenes. Well, he apparently daydreams about doing wild, adventurous things, and for some reason I started crying.

Here's an old pic of my dad for comparison, but throw some gray hair in there and maybe you see a slight resemblance.

Well, he doesn't look anything like him on second thought. But I've always thought he looked like Bruce dad, that is, not Ben Stiller.

And in the 90's I thought he looked like Alice Cooper, minus the creepiness.

Oh, so during that preview the character is jumping out of buildings, climbing mountains, skateboarding down a highway, etc., and all of a sudden I've got tears running down my face and my SHOULDERS are shaking up and down - a sobbing fit snuck up on me! (They call them "grief attacks" in the literature that hospice nurses give you.) Anyway, that was just weird and random, but Gravity was really good. Oh, and I'm nearly finished with the back of my corset, but I cut my finger with my very sharp embroidery scissors Becky gave me at the GCGSW, so I had to stop for a Bandaid. (They're the perfect scissors for Alabama Chanin work, Becky, thanks!) Back to work!


BeckyW said...

Sorry about the cut. My grandmother would have chided me about giving scissors. She held onto some old wives tale to never gift someone a knife. I gave her a tiny pocket knife once that fit on a key chain. She thought it was great, but went to her purse and gave me a dime, and told me that she had to "buy" it from me.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

That is too funny! Natalie Chanin has all these old wives tales in her books, but that's a new one!