Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inequalities of Crotches and Rights

Okay, I lied about cutting out a top. You have to strike while the iron is hot (or is it press?), so I jumped back into the Betzina Vogue pants I was previously muslining.

Remember, that worked out great with my adjustments to the seat, so I tried to true my pattern and move on with real fabric. Well, the crotch didn't quite true up because I had taken out a wedge in the back. I added that amount to the length so my pants wouldn't be short, but now the front and back didn't match. I got kind of stalled, because if I did the "take half from one and add to the other" rule of her Craftsy class, then that might mess up my front crotch which I had perfected with another adjustment.

Fast forward to today, and I kind of forgot where I was in the whole process, so I just went ahead and cut out the pants. All was well until I went to sew the inner leg seams front to back, and behold the badness:

Yes, she certainly does say to make the back inseam a tad shorter than the front, then stretch the 2 to match so you'll have a nice tucked-under tushy, but she didn't mean it should be 2 inches shorter! I did try to stretch and ease these together just for funsies, but of course it didn't work. I think my problem was that I matched the notches on the legs, which of course don't match anymore since I took out that wedge and added length to the bottom. And that leg still came out 1/2" shorter, dangit. Back to the drawing board...tomorrow!

In other news, we saw Oblivion and Lincoln over the weekend, and I liked both of them very much. Oblivion is like Omega Man (the original one) and The Matrix smashed together, but it has a new twist.

And Lincoln was awesomely written, although Lucas said at one point, "I have no idea what they just said." He and Drew both bugged out after 30 minutes of non-comprehension, which was a shame because Lucas had a test in History today on that very topic (Quick - what was the Missouri Compromise? Hint: It had nothing to do with Missouri!). And on the literary front, I'm about a quarter way through Anna Karenina. Anyone else read that? See the movie yet?


Anonymous said...

I usually actually take apart the muslin, lay it down and trace it (or pin it to my tracing paper and cut out around it). I don't worry too much about the notches. HTH


Sister said...

Oh, I should've done that, Robbie. They didn't turn out quite right...