Friday, April 5, 2013

Vintage Skirts

But first, an iris from my backyard - beautiful!

So I have Simplicity 7560 in my stash, and I remember that I made a couple of skirts with it. I've been thinking about making a short, sleeveless dress to wear in Japan next month (yikes - next month!), but then I thought that making a couple of skirts would be much I really want to knit a loose shrug to wear with them when we go out at night...assuming it's cool at night, which I haven't checked yet. Anyway, back to the skirt.

So I pulled out the pattern and saw that my hip measurement is the same as what I cut back in 1994 when I made this last, but my waist has gone up a size. I've cut one out today and gotten as far as the zipper, but I'd like to do an exposed zipper instead of the lapped one. Then I noticed the darts were all wrong, so I read up on those in a couple of fitting books, then I remembered that I had the original skirts still hanging in my closet. Let's have some fun! Ooh, we wore them up high in the 90's, didn't we? This actually sits on my rib cage...and I must've been a skinny chick to sit down in this number.

Hopefully the hip will fit when I loosen up the waistband on the new skirt - I did cut a size larger there.

This was my favorite outfit of all time (not the pink shirt). I wore a white T-shirt under this vest, and I was always so proud to wear this to work since I sewed it all myself.

Now this is a different pattern, which I also have upstairs, and I might give it a shot since it's got pockets.

Except that I don't like the way it hangs, and I think it's an A-line.

I've got some extra drapey-ness on that left side that the right one doesn't have.

So maybe darts have changed since the 90's, but these darts all go WAY below any fullness they're supposed to be pointing to. I'm going to redo the first one without darts in the front, and I'll raise them up in the back, then see what it looks like with an exposed zipper. Off to Hancock - hope to have something to show for it later this weekend. Have a great one yourself!


Junior said...

I like that skirt pattern and that blue skirt is especially nice

Sister said...

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you can wear the same size skirt! I certainly can't.

Anonymous said...

OH btw, anonymous is Robbie, Google still won't let me in. And I'm still in Birmingham,only 5 more weeks!!!

Sister said...

Woohoo - we'll have to get together when you get back!