Saturday, April 13, 2013

Great British Sewing Bee

I'm jumping on the bandwagon - this show is great! Sort of like Project Runway, but more down to earth, and with charming British accents! Thanks to Ann and Gwen for pointing me to it.

And I snagged a couple of more pictures of my first skirt with the shoes I found at DSW. I was looking for comfortable walking flats that were somewhat stylish to wear around Japan. I ended up looking like an LPGA golfer.

Drew asked why I would wear a skirt with tennis shoes.

Dean said I looked like I was "getting it done," whatever that means. (I took it as a compliment.)

A man at Mellow Mushroom came up to see if I was Nancy Lopez, and when I wasn't, he acted like he was just getting a newspaper from the bin...but I know....I know.


BeckyW said...

Your skirt looks great!! Loving the Bee also. I watched the second episode yesterday. I think it is going to be over much too soon as fast as they are eliminating people.

Sister said...

Thanks Becky, I need to watch the second one today. I think I like this better than Project Runway - the judging is on such basic stuff like non-puckering seams...stuff that applies to us more than PR.

Anonymous said...

I can see I'm going to have to check this out.

I think your skirt is cute and I like the shoes too. Hey, you're a tourist, you want to walk around and be comfortable. It's not like you know these people and want to impress them. You'll never see them again. Just be your polite Southern self and they will think you are "preshus". Robbie

Sister said...

Ha - thanks, Robbie! I read a blog post on what not to wear in Japan (my MIL told me not to wear jeans last time we went), and they said no jeans, no tennis shoes, and no cotton leggings, but these technically aren't tennis shoes. They said as long as you look like you're trying to be fashionable, it'll be okay, so I think making a bunch a skirts myself shows that I'm trying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think when you wow them with your South Alabama Japanese they will be ummm, stunned???


Sister said...

Hai! That's Japanese for "yes," but when I say it, it comes out more like Hi-uh. (Just kidding, I do a pretty good Japanese accent...which makes me wonder why my MIL always laughs when I say something to her in Japanese.)