Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flat Butt Breakthrough!

So remember this was my first full pants muslin with no flat butt adjustment.

Peggy from Silhouette Patterns and Sandra Betzina recommend removing a wedge starting 1" below the crotch at the inner leg seam and tapering out to nothing. I hung the pants on a hanger to do it because it's hard when they're lying flat.

Here's what it looks like flat - I took 5/8" at the inner leg.

So here's one leg done completely. See the one on the left still has that bad diagonal wrinkle from hip to knee that I thought would need a different adjustment, but the wedge took care of that on the right.

And here's the other side adjusted - other than not being ironed, there's no more wrinkle! Yippee!

I just have to true the grainline (she shows that in her lesson on Craftsy), and I think I'm ready to cut some real fabric. Go have yourself a great Sunday, too!


Pam said...

The pants look wonderful on you - what a great fit - and I can't believe you figured out the Craftsy instructions - that seems hard to do - Genius!

Well, it only takes one TNT pants pattern and you are good to go - I take my jeans pattern (TNT) and use that crotch seam/curve to adapt to others and compare fit before cutting out into my fabric - seems to work. Looks like you have a winner.

Pam said...

Also - this reminds me - I need to post more muslins - I have one now - great comments from your earlier posts - and they were right - the right side is just perfect.

Sister said...

Thanks Pam!