Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nibanme Sukato (Second Skirt)

Yes, the Japanese word for skirt is sukato. And dress is wanpisu (sounds like one-piece - neat!). Here are a few more interesting words - sound them out:
dainingurumu - dining room
basurumu - bathroom
Emeeru - email
deskutapu konpuuta - desktop computer
I apologize if my spelling is off. Anway, here are some quick pics of it. Issues: front darts suck. I put them in, took them out, put them in differently, changed them, and tried to press the hell out of them to get rid of the poof. Whatever!

Love sewing with fringed fabric - no hemming! And I moved the back zip to the side - first time I ever did that.

Check out my matching up of the white chain thingy!

Okay, tucked in to show more details. I'll wear this with a shorter untucked shirt probably. Gotta find one of those...

Does it look like I'm wearing an apron over a skirt?

It's a little roomy, but I'm not going to snug it up for one reason - I can kneel on the floor and get up without ripping anything. I also made it a little longer than usual so that when I'm sitting on the floor it won't ride up too high - gotta be modest in Japan, I hear!



Junior said...

I think it turned out great! I can see it maybe with a yellow shirt & matching ballet flats too.

Sister said...

Yeah, I need to branch out with my tops and shoes - thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Robbie

Sister said...

Thanks, Robbie!