Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Updated Skirt and Lots of Zippers

Looka here - my skirt matches my blue suede heels!

I'm ready for a dinner out...but my intention was to wear this during the day in Japan. Looks like I'll be shopping for comfortable yet stylish flats. So it's overall pretty good, but a couple of things went wrong. First, I couldn't get the back darts exactly right, so there's a little poofiness on the right especially.

Second, I'm pretty sure you do something else with an exposed zipper when you have a waistband, but I didn't think of that at the time. (I've pulled the sweater up to show you - it's not really this slouchy.)

Anyhoo, I still like it. And I was happy that it sits down on my waist when the fit is right - not up on my ribcage like the vintage ones did. Oh, one other thing - here's the shrug I'm knitting to wear with it...but it doesn't quite match. Maybe they'll be far enough away that it's okay?

Okay, some gratuitous shots of our yardwork this weekend...make that yard-nap.

Love these irises!

And now some zippers.

So many choices...well, maybe not these exact choices...

Okay, back to Celebrity Apprentice.


Anonymous said...

I love your skirt! Have I seen those shoes somewhere before??? ;)

This blog post made me think of you (Japan, exposed zippers, and lovely pears). I think you should sew this dress up :)

Sister said...

Katrina - thank you!!! I'm going to email her right now about fabric shopping, etc!

marysews said...

I like the fabric of your blue skirt. It reminds me of the paper inside old books.

Sister said...

Thanks, Mary - I didn't think of that till you said it - you're right!