Friday, April 19, 2013

Food for Thought - Literally!

Since both boys are now in Boy Scouts (yay - no more pack meetings with poorly-behaved Tiger Cubs!), Dean and I get to have a date night once a week - woohoo! We went to a Japanese restaurant and had the sushi for 2. Check out that carrot butterfly.

And since we're going to Japan next month, Dean's been cooking some more traditional dishes at home too. This would be tonkatsu (breaded pork) over cabbage....

with tofu and cucumbers in soy sauce. YUM!

And here's what's next on my wardrobe list - a Butterick dress in this cotton. Pay no attention to the wonkiness of the print - I put the darts in then hung the pieces on the mannequin while I cut out the collar. Maybe I'll get that finished this weekend - my productivity hasn't been this high in a while!

OH - and here's episode 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee. I hate that the very end gets cut off on YouTube. Drew watched some of it with me, and believes they edit it to make it look like they're under the wire time-wise more than they really are. They made it look like Lauren wasn't going to finish her jacket, then suddenly it's beautifully lined, etc. Makes it more exciting, though, doesn't it? Here's a secret - I've been pretending I'm in the show, too, so I rush around and act like I've got a deadline - :) Oh, and I've got to finish watching Project Runway from last night. They certainly are more catty about each other than GBSB. Don't they know these little private comments will be watched by the other contestants when the show airs?! Maybe it's all a setup...

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