Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Did This Weekend

Lucas had a campout at Fort Gaines Saturday. I'd never been there, and we got to DRIVE IN to unload our stuff. Have you ever driven across a moat? Now you can!

Here's where we bunked - the officers' quarters. Nice, right?

I was on that bottom bunk. No roaches or spiders got on me as far as I know. And I WOULD know, because I lay awake until 5:30 AM, when I fell asleep for one hour till the kids started waking up. There's a reason women don't go on Boy Scout campouts (well, maybe a few, actually) - men snore. And Paul Bunyan was in the bunk next to me, sawing away.

Here's our kitchen - is this not cool?

Here's one of the cannons....aimed right at an oil rig. No, seriously, this is at the mouth of the Mobile Bay on Dauphin Island, and on the other side is Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan. Ever hear, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead?" Yep, that was here.

Heck of a sunset.

So that was Fort Gaines - very cool that we were the only people in there. If your Cub Scout group is interested, it's $15/person to spend the night and you have the place to yourself.

And now for something completely different (Monty Python). This car passed me today. I very carefully and safely snapped a picture while stopped at a red light.

Do not adjust your monitor - it is painted with a tiny houndstooth pattern and has a University of Alabama tag. That is a dedicated fan.


RobbieK said...

I thought women didn't go on cub scout camp outs because it's so hard to pee standing up....

Sister said...

LOL! Actually, they had nice facilities here, but the Battleship campout coming up is strictly men only because they don't have separate facilities in the berthing area. It's either all women for Girl Scouts, or all men for Boy Scouts. (Makes a nice night for the moms left behind, in my opinion.)