Thursday, March 22, 2012

Off to Chicago

Well tomorrow I'm off to Chicago for a big national meeting for work, and I hope to make it to some fabric stores. Robbie mentioned Vogue Fabrics and Cennetta recommended Fishman's and New Rainbow Fabrics - thanks guys! I'm also staying close to Nordman's, so there must be some shoe shopping as well....and pants, since I haven't found the perfect pants pattern for work yet.

I also got this in the mail yesterday. Gwen pointed me to the website quite a while back, and I've watched some of the webcasts. This pattern was on sale if you friended them on Facebook, so I went for it. (My pattern says "For the Youthful Beginner." Uh, wha?)

There are only 7 reviews on PR, but it looks really quick and easy. I'm going to do a muslin first, then use the charcoal silk knit I bought at Promenade in New Orleans a few months ago. We'll see how it goes.

Oh, and the low in Chicago is 48 degrees, so I may get to wear the green dress after all. (As I wait for Room Service and read my Stephen King book....great.)

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RobbieK said...

Nordstroms = SHOES!!!!!