Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 2 - Fabric

So after lunch I took a cab to Roosevelt Road, where New Rainbow Fabrics and Vogue Fabrics are across the street from each other. Here's a glimpse inside New Rainbow:

I was greeted at the door and offered help - very nice. (Don't you want to make a dress with the leafy stuff? But you'd have to move all the leaves out of the way when you sew, right?) I didn't find anything that grabbed me. It's a small store, smaller than Promenade Fabrics in New Orleans, but they have lots of nice stuff. Knits were $7.99/yard.

Next to Vogue. It smelled funny and nobody offered to help me, even when I was carrying 2 bolts of fabric around. But then I stacked them on the cutting counter and had a great experience.

Two of these were $3.99/yd and the coral (it's not really red) was $3.19/yd! The guy cutting my fabric asked what I was going to make with that one. He said he was invited to Washington, DC to "do a show" and he decided he needed to use it for a "collection." (So obviously he designs and sews, and I guess that means he'll make one of everything?) He advised me to make a fun tank dress for summer. We'll see...

And this is what I wore to meetings today - I think these wide-legged pants from Loft (3 years ago...or as Ann puts it, seasons ago) balance out my hips (just let me be delusional if you disagree, because I already bought a similar pair today). I just wanted to show you my feminine-ish outfit, because tomorrow I'm going to rock my family's world.

See, the high is 48 tomorrow, so I found some work pants at H&M yesterday but I needed a heavier jacket than what I brought, so...well, you'll see. Just think "drug rep."


Pammie said...

I don't know! I'm dying to find out about the jacket! What kind of drug rep? So mysterious.

Glad you had such a good time in Chicago!!

RobbieK said...

Love the pants! Are those the new work shoes???

Let's see, I took MBA classes at Samford with drug reps. We used to call them the "Merckettes" I have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

I went to the other Vogue Fabrics in Evanston.

Eileensews said...

Hey! I shop at promenade in New Orleans! Where do you buy fabric in Alabama? Does Mobile have any fabric stores?

Junior said...


Sister said...

The new work shoes were fabulous - wore them all day. The Evanston store is the flagship store - was it really nice? This one looked a little shabby.

Eileen, we have Hancock, Joann, Ely's which has some really hi-end stuff and is huge but old (check under "fabrics" - I did a review awhile back), and a few small shops like All About Sewing and various children's fabric places. We're blessed with fabric compared to other places. Do you shop anywhere else in New Orleans?