Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 3 - Mostly Meetings

Did you know you can summon a cab with your smartphone? After I shopped for fabric yesterday, I noticed there were no cabs to get me back. So after I'd walked several blocks with no sightings, I googled "taxis." Yellow Cab has an online thing where you type in your address and destination, and they text you back with the driver's name and ETA! Of course, they drive you crazy calling and texting to make sure you're in the cab, but what customer service! It took 7 minutes from the time I started till he got there - awesome.

And now, androgynous Dr. Fun, the drug rep:

I felt like Madonna in one of her music videos, except I'm wearing a shirt and not pearls.

Total cost of nicely constructed lined pants and jacket - $92. I love H&M!

And look at this black grosgrain ribbon they used for belt carriers and at the top of the waistband - isn't that sweet? (I totally needed a cute infinity scarf with this - would've jazzed it up.)

After shopping there, it's hard to justify buying clothes in Nordstrom (a pair of pants there was $168- I mean, really? The H&M pants were $35.) I was going to try Nordstrom Rack which is the "outlet" version, but it was too cold to walk all that way tonight. But hey, I made 3 fabric purchases and I finally found the perfect brown work shoe. I call this trip a success!

Back to Mobile tomorrow night after one more meeting. I'll be catching up with the family, so you people have a good rest of the week. (And Eileen - let me know if you want more info on fabric stores in Mobile and also where you shop in the New Orleans area.)


Pammie said...

Welcome to my world - the land of suits....looking good! We love Nordstrom's on the left coast - and the rack can be fun!

Anonymous said...

Girl, stop talkin' smack about that perfectly good suit! You look great. Right on to what Pammie said about Nordstrom. The lack of extra crap to wade through, combined with consistently good service makes it such a good store chain. Love their house brand (Classiques Entier?) for pants/suits, as it can be tricky to find a long enough inseam for someone who's high-water phobic (guess you know why that is, since we knew each other "when"). They last forever, too. Hope you had lots of fun! Amy Minchin

RobbieK said...

Naaahhhh, Evanston wasn't what I would call a flagship. It was more a Bubba Gump shrimp ship.

Sister said...

Pammie - thanks, I admire all you suit-wearing women!

Amy, I totally remember you being like 6 feet tall - is that right? But I was about 5'3 and grew to 5'8 in college, so my perception could be off. I do love Nordstrom - I should've asked about that line - none of the more casual pants were long enough for me.

Robbie - LOL - Bubba Gump! So the fabric section of Vogue is not as swanky as the pattern section I guess.

Anonymous said...

Yes, or at least close enough to 6 feet to be a tall, quivering mass of adolescent awkwardness! Weird...I remembered you at your current height, though we didn't see each other after you grew.

Back then, pants shopping was so much worse; they all assumed the taller you were, the WIDER you must be (???). Pretty scary. Mom was always saying, "Now theyah is nothing wrong with those pants! They covah yoah sock!" (Yeah, Mom--all but the last inch or two). Loved Mau-dees and Stanton's, but they weren't ready for this kind of leg. Here's to better times! Amy

Sister said...

I do in fact remember that your pants always stopped above your shoes - I always thought it was just part of your style - didn't even think about them bring highwaters! Funny what we remember...