Friday, March 2, 2012

New Patterns

Yeah, I'm knocking out the dresses left and right, so I really needed to buy these 2 dress patterns. But you know, it was the McCall's pattern sale at Hancock and I had time to kill before picking up the kids, so what the heck. This one was a favorite dress of 2011 I think, or it got great reviews, or it looked nice on somebody else at PR, so I wanted it.

This one looked good on a reviewer, so I made a note of it and grabbed it - $3.99!

And this Kwik Sew 3301 is just freaky, but I wanted a pattern for boy-short undies. My pattern envelope only has the drawings, not the full-size picture of those horrid underwear - ughhh! Those are just hideous - that poor model has probably been run out of model-town.

I actually made it upstairs this afternoon and adjusted the rise on my jeans pattern by 1" front and back, then started to cut it out of fabric for a pair to wear to work, but I realized it was upholstery fabric - it was from that church sale a few years ago. So I went through one drawer of my stash, and that was the end of productive sewing. Don't you love going through drawers and finding stuff you forgot you had and you wish you could use right NOW! This is what Sewista was talking about the other day - not buying new stuff because you have so much great old stuff.

Oh well, have a great weekend and stay safe in this weather!


Liba said...

You need the extremely sexy shoes that are shown with the second pattern!

Sister said...

You right! Let me know if you find 'em!