Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Videos Galore!

This is the escalator up to the Skyway at Kyoto Station. We already took about 7 escalators to get to this point. Tracey, let me know if it makes you nervous!

This was coming down from the restaurant floor to go back to our room, and here's this middle school band playing a concert to hundreds of people - neat!

This is in the Shibuya part of Tokyo, and if I had an aerial view you'd recognize this as famous Shibuya Crossing. I think this is the busiest pedestrian intersection in Tokyo, but I could be wrong. I was standing up under a tree to get a better shot, but you probably miss a few hundred people. Also, there are elections going on, and that's some political candidate campaigning...it's not really Big Brother...I don't think.

And lastly, this was the lounge called Southern Comfort in the Kyoto hotel where we stayed. When we walked in we had to keep from laughing, because it was JUST LIKE the bar from Lost in Translation, down to the music selection the guy was singing. (Thank you....we're Sausalito!) Yeah, you have to see the movie to get it...

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Ring a ding ding indeed!