Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kyoto Day 2

So yesterday we toured Nijo Castle, where the Emperor lived until 1867, when he moved to Tokyo and made that the capital....I could be confused on that, though. Did you know that Tokyo really was To-kyoto, which means east of Kyoto, and they just shortened it. That explains the name similarity...you're welcome.

Yeah, so Dean has better pictures on his phone....this is all I have from the outside, and you can't take pictures inside. But check out these crazy trees. They cut off the trunk a little ways up and let the limbs grow, but make them very straight. Very Dr. Seussery....

Beautiful azalea bushes around a solitary rock...

You think I missed Drew in the picture, but I was going for the 2 gardeners high in the pine tree cutting the needles short. Can you spot them?

I mean gardening is a fine art around here. Today at the rock garden (pics to follow), there were people just sweeping the moss to get every last leaf up. I go to sleep now.

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