Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shorts and Dinner

I made some pajama shorts for myself using Simplicity 9499...

and the Japanese panda fabric that felt like flannel after it was washed. Yeah, this is a man's pattern, but the crotch curve seems to work!

The pandas are very happy.

And this is what 9 hours at cooking camp gets you - vegetable soup and sauteed shrimp for dinner.

And a creepy older brother photo-bombing your work.

Lucas came up with this cucumber dish himself. He peeled and sliced the cucumber, stacked the pieces in a decorative sushi dish with soy sauce, then topped with a basil leaf with a drop of olive oil and sea salt - yum! (Looks like he's been reading Katrina's blog!)

Here's the total package with the vegetable soup garnished with chopped basil.

I'm glad he inherited that love of cooking from Dean. Otherwise he'd be sitting around making these all day:

This being the Double Bump Dishcloth, which I managed to screw up about halfway through. It's very similar to the other waffle knit one I made. Definitely better than the DW Darrell Waltrip one as far as feel, but I have a hard time keeping straight which row I've just finished.

Oh well, maybe I should go sew. The dishcloths are wearing me down now....


Pam said...

I love those pandas - seriously adorbs!

Great job on the washcloths - but I too found them to be tiring . . .

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks Pam - glad I'm not the only one tired of washcloths!