Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chicks' Sewing Weekend...

or Bay Area Sew Along, as Katrina put it. So Robbie, Becky, and Katrina - are you in? I thought I had all of your email addresses, but I don't, so it's an official post. I've been thinking about having a girls' sewing weekend at the beach, and the weekend of July 27th is looking good. Or the weekend of August 17th. I would head over on Friday to clean the house and arrange sewing tables near outlets, and you all could come over Saturday morning with your machines and notions to commence a sewing extravaganza. We could sew all day, have some steamed seafood for dinner (or go out if you're so inclined), then sew into Sunday morning before packing it up. Katrina, do you think Dionne would be interested? I have enough room for her. Y'all (or WE) could work on the Closet Bombshell bathing suit you mentioned at Kadiddlehopper's blog - it was awesome!

So you guys check your schedules and let me know if either of those weekends works ( If one isn't good for all of us, we can do it later in August or September.

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