Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I found out how to get depressed and motivated at the same time....go back and read your own blog! I saw that on January 1, 2009, I rode bikes with the boys and did my equivalent of circuit training with them afterwards. In 2010 I was walking on the treadmill and attempting to get in shape, plus sewing a lot. I also seem to have had a rip-roaring sense of humor too! Wonder where all that stuff went?

So at 11 AM I got out of my pajamas and helped Lucas rearrange his room (he was eager to do this, so it's not child abuse). This is the kid who asked me to help him clean out his closet yesterday. He also did a great job of tossing stuff that was "cute," but said he thinks he's more like a girl in that respect - the things that he thinks are cute, that is. And apparently one of Drew's female friends has told Lucas she thinks he has taste like a girl too. But he's okay with that.

Then we went to Arby's for lunch just to get out of the house. They had a special - 2 French Dips for $5 - sign me up! But wait a minute - are you kidding me?

I'll give you that this is worth about $2.50. But Drew wanted another one, and if you don't buy 2 for $5, they're $4.89 a piece! What a scam.

Anyway, I also got my skinny jeans muslin cut out and most of the way sewn. Except this has a separate fly and I've only done a one-piece fly, so my world has been rocked. I called it quits on that temporarily, and danced for about 30 minutes on Just Dance 3 with Lucas, who was promptly discouraged by my superior moves and quit. Junior, did you see they had Jester's song "Jump ON It," about Tonto or whatever? Fun moves.

Okay, so back upstairs to put on the waistband. Thank all you people for reading my blog and for inspiring me with your blogs (like Sheila's infinity scarf, which I am totally making...after I finish the jeans). Oh, and I found a new one my SIL sent me - this chick cracks me up and went viral after her Elf on the Shelf post - good stuff!

Here's to continued productivity, good health, and maybe finding that sense of humor again in 2012!


Liba said...

You need to check out her "people who make my family sick"post. Read it to the girls at work the other day and we were laughing ourselves silly! Arby's is a gulity pleasure of mine but that sandwich is a rip-off!

Pammie said...

You are awesome! And, I see your humor is back!

WRT the skinny jeans zipper - I followed JStern's directions - let me know if you want me to send you her directions (from the class I took - I think they are a separate zip). . .

Happy New Year and Good Sewing!

Junior said...

Yes, we did the Jump On It dance the other day on Just Dance...good stuff! I love that infinity scarf!
Memaw would be tickled pink about Lucas getting his closet cleaned out & room re-organized!

gwensews said...

That does not look like a healthy lunch, doc! Have a fabulous New Year, with lots of sewing!