Wednesday, January 25, 2012

15 Pictures of My Butt, or A Tale of Two Crotches

Well, before we dive into crotches...uh, I mean discussions about crotches...I'd like to share a dating dilemma. Drew has a date Friday night and asked me for some suggestions. They've just been on a double date to the movies, so I suggested dinner, bowling, getting ice cream, uh, that's all I could come up with. Bowling on a Friday night might be a bad idea if you're not with a big group, so we settled on dinner. We discussed various types of restaurants, and my recommendation was to stay away from table service - too much to worry about with a waiter, tipping, the danger of a steak being ordered, etc. (Seriously, we took some of his friends to a Mexican restaurant one year for his birthday and a kid ordered the T-bone a Mexican restaurant.)

I google-mapped a strip mall near the young lady's house (she lives WAY out) and found several restaurants and a Baskin Robbins - we're in bidness! Now she'd been all, "I don't care, whatever you want," in texts asking for specifics, but she did come out and nix the Chinese place. That left pizza (turned out it was out of business) and Panera Bread. Now it's not so awful to go there for a date when you're 15, is it? I never had a date in high school that I didn't chase down myself and drag to a formal dance, so I don't know these things. Lucas and I will be eating on the other side of the restaurant (no, I'm not dropping them off - I'm not ready for that yet - is that overprotective?), and then we'll go to BR for ice cream. I don't know, this is sounding kinda weird that the mom and brother are going to be so close. Why didn't they just go to a movie?!

Anyway, onto my muslin. Side seams are straight.

That's not the real waistband.

Legs are loose for jeans. I'm going to use this pattern for work pants, I think, but I would also like some jeans that fit like jeans - gotta work on the wrinkles.

So Jennifer Stern talks about sitting room in your jeans (Won't you come in? Care for tea and crumpets? Wait, that reminds me of milk, milk, lemonade; round the corner - never mind!), so I scooped out the back crotch to get some.

But the shallow scoops didn't do anything and the deepest one did this:

Ewww - I don't know how to say this PC other than it looks and feels like they're creeping...I'll leave it at that. So I got the pattern piece from the Betzina jeans and used that rear crotch curve, which is drastically different. This is what I ended up with - double EWWWW. And so tight for some reason - good thing it's fuzzy - you're welcome!

So I think I'm sticking with my original crotch curve and I may just tighten up the legs and see what that looks like. We have another chat Thursday night.

Oh, and the mother of the GF just called and recommended dropping them off at PB because it's a very safe area, and said that Lucas and I can go eat at a nicer place. Now does that mean she thinks this is a crappy date?! No, I'm just kidding - I know what she meant. Ah, the joys of teenagers!


gwensews said...

Keep working on those jeans. As you know, pants are the most difficult garment to fit. I'd sure have had a lot less problems if my mom had followed me around on my dates!

Sister said...

Ha! Sometimes a nosy mother is a good thing....