Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Great granny pete - I look awful! I put the waistband on the skinny jeans muslin and tried them on - is that you gagging or me? This pic demonstrates (besides my big flat derriere and terrible panty lines - I have GOT to get some new undies that don't show!) one side with lots of wrinkles and the other side not so much, because I pinned them out a la Silhouette Patterns - got the link from either Gwen or Pammie, I think. THAT's why there's that big wrinkle under my right derriere - that's actually not a panty line.

And what's UP with the yoke? Now these seams are not ironed or trimmed or anything, so hopefully that'll look better in denim, because I don't see how that looks good right now. (Dang, I look old....I mean my glasses.)

And this is just to show you that it was a muslin, so I didn't cut out full legs - I was concentrating on the crotch and hips. And these go on without unzipping the zipper, so I may need to size down, huh? (This reminds me of an old man we saw on vacation years ago who was wearing shorts, black knee-high socks, and sandals.)

So hopefully these pictures are so awful that ANYTHING in denim will look better, especially with full leg length! This just shows that I blundered into awesome-fitting Betzina jeans with her help, and I really don't what I'm doing with pants. That's why I'm thinking of signing up for the jeans class at PR...because that last Clone a Garment class went so well, right? (It's all in a bag where I left it after the final chat - never had time to get it really started.)

Anyway, we'll see if I can actually get my changes transferred properly to the tissue....I DOUBT it!

(Ooh, just a little PS after I visited Jennifer Stern's blog and purchased her jeans workbook (thanks, Pam!) - I was thinking that I had similar wrinkles on my Betzina muslin and Sandra lengthened the back crotch tip to make them go away - which is what Jennifer talks about too - so I don't think pinning these out will help. Guess we'll find out!)


KID, MD said...

Hey! That is exactly what mine look like before I scoop out the back crotch curve (which lengthens the back crotch and affectively adds length to the back crotch hook, I just find it easier.). I think you're onto something here...

Pammie said...
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Pammie said...

Oops, just tried to edit my comment!

Thanks for the shout out! Yes, I do enjoy the workbook - I believe you get it too with the class - and guess what? I took the cloning class and never finished it either - I couldn't "get it" with the organza.

I tend to agree with Katie - the crotch curve is critical! I put a huge deep scoop in mine and I can tell I could go further!

Sheila said...

To get a good pants fit, I took apart a pair of pants that has a good fit but didn't wear. I realized capri pants are not flattering on me. By using the rtw pants against the pattern I had to scoop out the crotch.