Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dolly.....A Knit Shirt.......

Uh, things that are cloned? That's right - you've won $10,000! Thanks for watching, I'm Dick Clark. (Quick, name that game show.)

Let's see, I started with my favorite shirt that I've worn for about 10 years. (I didn't say it fit appears to have stretched out, in fact.)

Damn, I'd say I've done a good job! (I wish we could say the same for Dean's photography.) Aside from the shoulder seams being a little lower and the neckline being shallower, I've got the same drag lines on the front and the same baggy sleeves.

Mercy, these sleeves are REALLY stretched out.

I sewed this muslin and had to take almost 2 inches out all the way around because it was so baggy - there's something to be said for cloning a top that fits well.

What I'm proud of:
1) I finished something.
2) I did a nice banded V-neckline using my Jalie instructions from a previous shirt.
3) I stuck with my Forrest Gump foot through the whole project since it's a ribbed knit, and there's not too much ruffling of my hems.

What I'm disgusted about:
1) I still can't find a nice stretchy hem - I'm sure wooly nylon in the bobbin would help but I just didn't have the time....or the wooly nylon.
2) The drag lines around the bust - I still feel like I don't understand shoulders (see posts about Betzina's shirt attempt). But what the heck, it's just a knit shirt after all, and they ARE so forgiving! You can't even tell how I mangled the sleeve cap on the pattern, can you?

Okay, now to try and catch up on the jeans - first webcast is tomorrow night!


Pammie said...

I love it! I've never finished a cloning project yet and am impressed by your workwomanship! WEBCAST! Fun!

Sister said...

Thanks! And I meant chat room, not webcast - significantly less exciting - sorry!

Sheila said...

You did great. Just a suggestion, what about decreasing the circumference of the sleeves to remove the baggy sleeves?

Sister said...

Yes Sheila! I actually went back to the pattern and shaved off the seam allowances I had added, plus a little more so the next one won't be this baggy. Thanks for the suggestion!