Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Butt.

Made another adjustment - took the back inseam in 1/4". I have no problems with the front.

I'm totally comfortable with this - they feel like they fit well, in fact!

Especially because this is what I paid for:

There will always be wrinkles. I am not a Botox woman. My butt may as well match my face! (Which reminds me of an old joke of my dad's...or my brother's..."Hey, got a match?" Unsuspecting person looks through purse for pack of matches. "My butt, your face!")


RobbieK said...

You're so funny! Be sure and let us know how the date goes. ;)

sewistafashionista said...

Your dad certainly had a quirky sense of humor. ;) "Butt" you are right, you certainly have a good fit there. :)

Sister said...

Oh yes, Robbie, getting ready for the date right now! And have a great vacation if I don't talk to you again.

Sewista, you got a good one in there yourself!

The Family Stone said...

I just read your post about the date on my google reader, but when I came to your blog it didn't exist--weird....Anyways...too cute! Josh didn't go on his first "date" until he was 16 and he is still dating her 3.5 years later. Sarah has her first date in April to the prom and she is 17. He's starting early!

Sister said...

Well, the post was deemed too intrusive into Drew's privacy so I took it off. Now I need to write it in a diary or something to remember it! That's amazing about Josh - sweet kids!

Pammie said...

That's exciting - I'm in Hawaii watching these jeans come together - they back looks great - and I hope comfy too! I can't wait to see the final product!

P.S. I know how you feel - I took off a post about J. a few months ago - just because I felt I was telling a bit too much:)