Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Weekend

Alright, we found something to get them out of the house! We gave Dean a paddleboard for his last birthday, and it was promptly overtaken by the boys Saturday. (Nothing will make you realize time is flying by like seeing your kid fit into your husband's old wetsuit.) Drew hasn't shown much interest in surfing or kayaking, but it was hard to get him off the paddleboard.

And of course Lucas had to try it too...without benefit of a wetsuit. Luckily the weather was great and the water wasn't freezing cold, plus he didn't fall in. They spent 3 hours doing this - I did not once have to say "Step away from the iPad!" They would've done it all day, but it got cloudy and colder, so that was all for now.

What you're missing here is the photo of me, because I attempted it in shorts and hooded top, to much derision from the boys, and guess who else didn't fall in! Of course, there are no pictures because they were so concerned for my safety that they couldn't be bothered to grab the camera (or more likely, they wanted to be the first one on the board if I fell off).

In sewing news, I decided to hold off on the skinny jeans till I take the class at PR and have Jennifer Stern's workbook in hand. Now, I DID get a package from her already - she mails it out fast! - and it had 3 yards of muslin as promised, but it had a workbook on turning a pair of jeans into a skirt - DOH! Oh well, great excuse to continue cloning my shirt today, which I'm trying to get finished.

In exercise news, I haven't danced as much as I should, but I have continued lunging around the house (not a drunken lunge, mind you, though the daily red wine really is keeping my cholesterol LOW...and my liver well-toned). Not only great for your thighs and derriere, lunging is a great exercise in balance if you tote a laundry basket while you do it.

And speaking of thighs, we were talking about boats last night and Lucas told us he likes boats with cabins. He said, "Well, it's nice to have a place to lay around since mom's thighs are getting smaller." WTF? (Mom, that's short for "What in the world did he mean by that, Friend?") And what he meant was that on long boat rides he usually lays his head in my lap, and he knows I've been trying to exercise, so he found a way to flatter me. And yes, he did get dessert after that comment.


marysews said...

Sneaky kids, I tell ya! That sounds like more than just a "good" weekend!

RobbieK said...

I was beautiful last weekend. Maybe just a little on the edge for shorts, but I wore them anyway because I could.

Sweet kid.