Thursday, December 29, 2011

Miscellaneous Things

This is my MIL's potato salad. It's always a work of art - one year she cut a radish into the shape of a rosebud for the centerpiece. She's Japanese and can also do origami...without a book of instructions.

And I was delayed driving to work yesterday. I dropped Lucas off at my mom's and had to go by Municipal Park with the big lake.

The ducks (or geese or whatever they are) were crossing VERY SLOWLY to the golf course, but then they froze for some reason and wouldn't move. It took somebody honking their horn to get them to turn around and SLOWLY walk back to the lake. (Cool fog on the water, too!)

When I passed the golf course, there were about fifty geese already there. The ones in the street were grumbling about not reserving a tee time or something.


Pammie said...

What a great potato salad - I could completely eat that right now!

Thanks for keeping us caught up!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The potatoe salad looks really good!

Happy New Year!