Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taiwan Cherry Tree and Juvenile Pockets

I emailed the newspaper's Gardening Editor 2 or 3 years ago and asked if a Japanese cherry tree would grow here, and he recommended a Taiwan cherry instead. Dean planted it for me, and we thought it was dead because we never saw a leaf or bloom on it. Until now - behold the wonder! (Well, it still looks kinda puny, and so nice with the power lines, but we have BLOOMS, people!)

And this is a random picture of what Jake does while I sew - watch the street for dogs to bark at.

I took the kids to spend the night at the beach, where I tested my pocket-stitching prowess on the Janome. First I traced the pattern I had and pinned it to the denim...

Not too shabby...other than a wonky stitch where I backed the needle up by hand - don't do that.

And here's what the inside of my front pockets will look like. Remember Pammie's fabulous lining fabric with pretty red roses or something that coordinated with her red jeans? Well, this was what I had in the stash.

Yep, I didn't feel like going out to get special lining because this is just not my dream denim. I also found a long run on the fabric after I cut the legs out, so some distressing may be in order....for the fabric, I mean.

Only I will know that I have a tiny spaceship in my pocket.


Junior said...

Tree looks good, Jake is on patrol and I love the rocket fabric!

Pammie said...

I love the robots - they are big in my house:) I can't wait, now, to see the finished jeans! And, next time, I am going to use your methodology for the pocket designs (straight stitching, that is). Thanks for the shout out!